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  1. Good on any company or individual that pays the least tax that is legally allowed.   The economy is being suffocated by government interference (taxation). I have no doubt that the company and its shareholders will put the money to more productive uses than any government department ever will.   The net result is the creation of non jobs that are sold as vital to the economy, and illogical subsidies.   
  2. While I detest all religions and associated practices I do take issue with delusional inferior civilisations comments. I am astounded to learn that I have been classified by fellow forum members as belonging to a wider delusional group, apparently on the basis that I disbelieve that bovines are not inconvenienced by being strung up by their legs and having their throats ritually cut. Hi pachapapa No statement as to your character was made or inferred – I stated the comment of believing that any given civilisation is superior to any other is delusional.  
  3. [quote user="Quillan"]Thats just the UK Braco, much of the same can be applied to most of the 'superior' western culture.[/quote]   Totally agree. Though not wishing to write an essay I just listed a few points.   I strongly believe that every country, city, town and village has the same spread of positive and negative attributes amongst it people.  
  4. [quote user="pachapapa"]Completely agree with Fillon; superior civilisations have moved forward to humane methods of slaughter; it is quite obvious that the barbaric methods associated with the words kosher & halal should be banned. A morally disgusting accoutrement of inferior civilisations.[/quote] While I detest all religions and associated practices I do take issue with delusional inferior civilisations comments.   Lets list just a few things that prove our superiority.   The Daly Star and Jordan’s latest exploits.   Moronic soap operas that have lasted decades and will probably last for centuries.   Drug dependency level.   Sink estates full of welfare dependents.   And finally a political class that can whip up the ignorant with just a wave of a flag.  
  5. I love using Ryan air especially now that you can book the emergency exit seats.   As we have a car in France we have a choice of driving if prices are high.   I personally feel that the 10 kg hand luggage limit is far too high and often abused. I have seen passengers emptying their bag and dressing up as Michelin man to avoid paying, as well as frail passengers trying to lift and remove hand luggage over the heads of others.   Far better comfort and safety wise to reduce to a single item, three or four kg maximum.
  6. My last five cars have been diesel. I prefer the torque, and the high mpg.
  7. To paraphrase the song ‘where ever I light my barbeque (that’s my home)
  8. Help please. Is there any penalty for not using the return leg of a booking. We just want the option of extending a stay by purchasing an additional return ticket.
  9. Things are certainly tough in the UK and not likely to get better any time soon.
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