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  1. No, but it clearly states 'account number'. I cannot imagine it will ever change. It also shows all  credit cards and bank accounts ever used, addresses ever used, phone numbers ever used etc.  The report is presented as a legal document and accompanied by pages full of legal stuff. Google comes up with this solution to finding a PayPal account number, we are not the first to  need one.
  2. PayPal does have account numbers, they are just not visible in every day use. Under 'Data and Privacy' click the tab 'manage your data' , then 'download your data'.This is not a real time tool. PayPal will inform you when the form is ready, usually within a few hours. It shows you all the payment methods you ever used and your account number.
  3. Do read the pop-up warning you that PayPal is considered to be a foreign bank account unless it is attached to a French bank account. Your PayPal account number can be retrieved by clicking on  'download your data' under the tab 'manage your data'. The fine for not declaring a foreign bank account is €1500,- per account.
  4. Hard to see how you could have missed that. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/13/eu-citizens-arriving-in-uk-being-locked-up-and-expelled
  5. Tourists from non-EU countries need to convince the customs officer that it is OK to let them into the EU. There is no right to enter the EU. UK citizens lost that right. Questions that will need to be answered and made plausible are:-why do you want to enter the EU?-what will you do?-where will you stay?-when are you going back?-can you pay for your visit?etc Showing a return ticket and proof of a pre-paid holiday reservation helps and so would an 'attestation d'accueil'. Considering the UK is currently locking up EU citizens until they are deported back just because the UK customs officer suspects they might want to work, I somehow doubt EU customs officers will be in the mood to help UK citizens that cannot provide any proof.
  6. I think the cheapest option for fixed internet is still offered by Red-by-sfr. I switched from Orange 'découverte' to Red years ago and still pay €15/month including free phone calls to fixed lines in most of the world on a line non-dégroupé. Currently this costs €20/ month on dégroupage and  €25/month on non-dégroupage. They have regularly promotions with lasting discounts. Never had any problems. A broken line got repaired in three days, it took Orange three weeks to repair a broken line a few years earlier.
  7. "Does anyone know if I could keep switching the sim from the router to the mobile phone and back if we went out."No problem, but you might need a sim card adapter. 4G routers often uses a full size sim slot while smartphones usually only have microsim. In that case you need an adapter to place a microsim in a full size simcard slot. It is even possible to use a landline over a 4G internet connection. Just move your fixed phone number to a voip provider and enter the voip credentials in the 4G router. This action will automatically terminate the existing landline. Just in case someone wants to keep an existing phone number.
  8. You think? As I said: technology is not the problem, rights issues are. If you are paying illegal IPTV providers then you sponsor criminals and terrorists.You can be found and prosecuted.
  9. "Surely the technology exists (in 2020) for us over here to pay our dues for BBC1 etc AND to be able to buy anything else, such as Rugby, or Tennis, or whatever. And from wherever in the world? " The technology is not the problem. Rights issues are the problem. The BBC/ITV etc do not have the right to transmit programs in France because French providers pay for that exclusive right.That is also why you are not allowed to watch US programs in the UK. You can currently watch UK programs via satellite due to satellite 'spillover' into France which is allowed. You can also watch those programs anywhere in the EU as long as you are registered as a UK citizen and as long as the UK is still part of that deal. But you cannot subscribe to a British TV broadcaster using a French address.  Same with Google play, you only access the apps in the play store of the country where you registered your Google play account.  That is why most Brits do not have the Orange TV app on their smartphone while all Orange customers have the right to use it anywhere in the EU, including British customers living in France.
  10. All Open-Linux boxes support Freesat EPG, but also a more powerful EPG plugin/app that extracts EPG information for virtually all providers from the internet.
  11. French providers are among the cheapest in the EU. You can get unlimited calls in the EU for as cheap as €10,- / month including 50Gb. For instance  SYMA using the Orange network. Brexit might become a problem for UK calls, but for now they are included both landline and mobile.
  12. [quote user="EuroTrash"]". It's not just about bashing out a decent product and selling it any more, it's more extreme in some industries than others but you're a less credible player if you don't have a string of accreditations after your logo.[/quote] Its even worse. The fact that a product, say a screw, is made in the UK will mean it is NOT made in the EU. So even when that screw is made of first class German steel and produced in the UK with a quality certification that is valid and recognised in the EU then it is still not an EU product. So this screw can no longer be used in products with a 'made in the EU ' label that can be sold to countries that have a trade agreement with the EU because they are no longer compliant with the 'rules of origin', it is not an EU product. EU producers will still have to find another supplier.
  13. A couple of days ago the BBC changed the FEC of their HD channels from 2/3 to 3/4.Most receivers will follow this change automatically. Run a manual scan if the screen is black.This allows the BBC to add two more HD stations to a transponder at no cost. But there is a downside: reception of the BBC HD channels will become more difficult as there is less error correction in the signal.
  14. [quote user="You can call me Betty or Queenie if you prefer"]Cathar Tours said So if a UK company continues to sell to the EU and keeps EU standards which it currently does then there is no problem. [/quote] Not quite. The problem is after Brexit that UK company will no longer be able to prove it is keeping EU standards as the UK supervisory system will no longer be under EU law and not recognised. No paper to prove it=not compliant, has to be checked before entering the EU.
  15. [quote user="pomme"]The LINKY meters will report your readings automatically over the electricity network. #s3gt_translate_tooltip_mini { display: none !important; }[/quote] Not quite. The Linky meters might one day report the readings automatically over the electricity network or wireless.  I've had one installed more than a year ago and my Linky, like all the others in this area,  is not communicating as there is no network in place to communicate with. Currently my 'intelligent' meter is even more dumb than the old one because the old one could be read electronically with a device. Now they have to open the box to manually read the numbers.
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