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  1. Hello All & Happy New Year.

    I've still not received my bill for December however, I did contact them and was told that the bills were being sent out from the 10th December and was told the amount that was due for payment by the 31st so on the 27th I sent my cheque attached to a letter which has been presented to the bank.

    Did anyone receive their December bill and also the letter that states the amount due for this coming year?

    Thanks, Mrs KG

  2. Hello All,

    Just checking whether anyone has received their bill from URSSAF yet (La Roche Sur Yon office). I'm sure it usually arrives in the first couple of days of december for payment and checking out last year I wrote the cheque 13 december so it's either a bit late arriving or lost in the post - I do hope not!

    Thank you. Mrs KG
  3. What does the french expression 'pigeon' actually mean. I was trying to explain to a french lady that someone had been 'taken for a ride' to which she drew a finger across her forehead and said the phrase was 'je ne suis pas un pigeon' or at least I think that's what she said.

    Could someone enlighten me please.

    Thanks, Mrs KG
  4. An update from Mrs KG.

    Having convinced myself & Mr KG that we were under the bareme OH decided we were going to visit the tax office which we now have done and I am pleased to say the nice lady at the office agreed that we are under the bareme and so have received a 'degrevement'.

    I shall make some notes on what to do next year!

    Thanks to you all for your imput. Mrs KG
  5. Thanks for the replies. My friend is 6'3" and there is some space between him and the cellar's ceiling. It was built originally as a school in the 1850s and closed around 35 years ago. Not sure what the cellar was used for, no-one locally seems to know either but it's the best cellar I've ever seen - clean, dry in great condition. Probably best that he takes another visit with a tape measure!
  6. Hi parsnips,

    If understood correctly, the limit for 2015 for 2 parts = 16311?

    The RF as shown on the avis for 2014 for 2013 revenue needs to be below this limit?

    If the above is correct then we are below this limit & so I believe should get a reduction. Would you be kind enough to confirm that I have understood it correctly or if not could you explain further. Thanks.

    By the way thanks very much for everyone's input - I may get to understand all of this eventually! Mrs KG
  7. Thanks for the link parsnips. I think we may be just over the limit for this year but I am a bit boggled at the moment as I've been at it for several hours. Presume that this years avis showing 0 means that we are over the plafond limit.

    Avis 2014 shows

    Impot sur les revenus soumis au bareme 221

    Decote -221

    Avis 2015 shows 0

    Decote 0

    Mr KG is at the moment making coffee and I feel I need a barrel load!

    Mrs KG
  8. Thanks John, looking at the avis for last year it has been pre-printed onto this years 2042 in the 6DE box which I think is what you are referring to?

    However, I now find having read the 2041GG under 'Les taux applicables' that maybe I should have entered the amount in box 8TX ie 3.8% instead of the 8TV box @ 6.6% because we have not actually paid any tax over the years, all the previous years avis show 0 for tax and the bills previously are for PS only. If I translate this document correctly, it says that we MAY benefit from a reduced tax equal to 3.8% if the amount of tax paid in previous years is inferior to 61euros. What's your take on this?

    Mrs KG
  9. John/Sue thank you so much I think you are right and that I have been focusing too much on the simulator. We have had a rather nice bottle of wine this evening (so much for weekend alcohol!) and I'm going to check out the calculations again tomorrow (ignoring simulators) and so giving the tax office visit a miss.

    It's odd as although we are in for a bill much greater than anticipated (thank goodness for the good xchange rate) I feel quite sure now that the larger amount is correct and am quite relieved that I've finally made sense of it. We don't mind paying our dues but like to know the workings and then can budget for next year without being out by a 1000+ euros!

    Thank you both it's one great weight lifted. If you are ever in my area I owe you a drink!

    Mrs KG and him who's washing pots at the moment!
  10. Thanks John you may well be correct. I am wracking my brains here & coming up with all sorts of 'I wonder if', & had a thought this afternoon that does the simulator read 1AS & 1BS as UK state old pension and therefore not taking the prelevement sociaux into account?

    That said we have in the previous two years had the amount payable reduced to that as recorded by the simulator with always the suggestion at least I think that's what she says that PS goes towards health and if we are in CPAM paying URSSAF then we shouldn't be paying PS as well.

    Gosh what a nightmare it all is - & I'd given up nice glasses of wine to the weekends only (I doubt tomorrow evening will escape!)
  11. Sue you are correct in that under Total de l'impot sur le revenu net the total is -1

    In the section Prevlevement Sociaux the Total de votre imposition nette a recouvrer is 1493

    What I don't understand is on the simulation Calcul de l'impot 2015

    the Total de l'impot sur le revenu is as above ie -1

    the Montant net des prevlevement sociaux is 329

    Montant net a payer is 328

    Ce montant est la somme de l'impot sur le revenu net et des prelevements sociaux

    This will be the third year that we've had to make the visit due to the same problem in that the simulation each year comes out at around 300 euros but the tax bill has been way over 1000 euros. The tax office looks at our case and then questions why we pay URSSAF & we explain we are pre retraite so do not have an S1 and have to pay 8% etc until such a time as we obtain the S1 which they do not understand but then if I've understood them correctly she goes on to say that the calulation is including health cover - at this point it's all beyond me but we come away with a degrevement and have only paid the amount as shown on the simulation.

    The reason I've had a go at the impot this year is that the OH is at the end of his tether with tax & health bills that the authorities can't seem to get right plus the problems with a lack of phone/internet connection every couple of weeks and then the water was cut off for around 12 hours with no notice whilst they laid a pipe across a farmer's field - he has had enough & is all for packing up and returning to the UK! - maybe I may be driven to wanting to go back but at the moment I'm prepared to run with it & hence the reason I've decided to deal with it. Anyhow enough of all of that and it's off to the tax office tomorrow - wish me luck!

    Mrs KG
  12. Hello Mrs KG here and I need help please!!

    This year I decided to have a go at filling in the tax forms 2047K & 2042K. I must have put something in the wrong box as a wacking great bill arrived this morning (just off 1500e) which is 4 x that my 'calcul d'impot' states and which I am sure is incorrect as in the past few years. I will visit the tax office on thursday as it is not open tomorrow but if someone could advise me as to where I've gone wrong then I would be eternally grateful.

    On the 2047K I inserted each of our pensions total in the section Pensions, Retraites, Rentes - Total des pensions et avantages en nature (we are early retired & not yet receiving UK old age pensions are paying into the french health system).

    Under Section B under Interets I inserted in box 8 the total amount of interest (UK savings account) then put the total in A and the same in TS.

    In section VIII, I put the pensions total in box Pensions, indemnites de maladie 6.6% 8TV

    On form 2042K page 3 under Pension, Retraites, Rentes I put the pensions in boxes 1AS & 1BS

    I then put the interest in box 2TS

    Over the last couple of years we've had to visit the tax office each year as they seem to think that we have additional income from an activity such as gites/B&B/ etc which don't have and have never had.

    The only income we have coming in is our company pensions and a small amount of interest.

    I really want to understand & get it right but I think that my lack of the french language plus my fear of form filling etc is contributing to me completing the wrong boxes.

    So as said previously any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Mrs KG
  13. Well I got the bit wrong about not being added to the August bill as the bill has just arrived and there it is:

    RĂ©gularisation tarifaire Tarif Bleu 09 kVA HP/HC du 23/07/2012 au 31/07/2013

    Prix Unitaire HT 0,39

    Montant HT TVA 1,60

    I think I'll drink to that while it lasts!


  14. Well in our house the recess (no kick boards) is for cat yoga - ie cat with great determination & contortions indescribable eventually manages to slither underneath & then takes great delight in scaring the wits out of whoever is at the sink by tapping or grabbing their ankles and it becomes yoga for adults when she takes a live mouse under there!

    Mrs KG
  15. Just wanted to thank you all for your info. I did use bison fute as suggested and of course my map book setting off very early. Journey took 3+ hours instead of two but we saw hardly any traffic and had a very pleasant journey using all the 'D' roads. We even had time to have a pizza in Pleurtuit, & a very quick visit to St Lunaire for some lovely sea air before putting her on the plane! Came home via the usual route and all was as normal.

    Mrs KG
  16. I have to get my mother to the airport at Pleurtuit tomorrow (23rd). Leaving from near Lassay Les Chateaux. I will leave early morning just in case we get stuck somewhere (have to be at the airport for 3:30pm) Anyone know what roads are due to be blocked by the farmers on route to the airport? Or if someone can point me in the direction of a site on the internet for info I would be grateful. I will take the scenic route for most of the journey in the hope of missing out the main blockades. I don't have satnav! I use the good old map book!

    Mrs KG
  17. We've been with CA for 12 years. We've had several changes in managers and each have been extremely friendly/helpful/courteous. However, when we decided to close a savings account due to it not being tax efficient for us, we wasted more than an hour explaining our tax situation when in the midst of it we were interrupted by a cleaning company who had arrived to clean the chairs we were sitting on and who replaced them with fresh ones - you can imagine the palava as we had to move the manager's desk to get his chair out and then put the desk back etc - the manager told us they clean the chairs often as a lot of the older clients wet themselves whilst sitting waiting - yikes!! Anyhow in the end the manager being so nice and persuasive that instead of closing both accounts we kept them open with 100e in each and opened the Livrets. I guess it would have affected his sales targets?

    The real downside of CA is the 'access your account 24/7' well you can 'access 24/7' but whatever you buy or draw out on a friday is not shown until at the very earliest the following tuesday I guess that's cos they are closed on a monday and so you can't get an up to date balance.

    As for cheques, we order fuel for our neighbour. The first time our neighbour posted a cheque for 600e made out in the usual manner. The fuel man changed the amount as he went over by 2 euros saying it was OK to do that as he wasn't allowed to accept the cash difference and then said for future cheques they can be made out for whatever amount as he can change it but they must NOT be dated as he will do that on the day of delivery! So for the last few years we receive the cheque he always has to change the amount and of course it is left open for him to date it.

    Mrs KG
  18. Angela/PatF

    Thanks for your replies and I have looked at the link but I haven't explained myself properly!

    It's not the bar itself that has disappeared it's some of the folders containing the bookmarks on the bar ie my folders are News, Finance, Tax, Health, Shopping etc where I store the individual companies/info but some of the folders & contents have just disappeared.

    When I go into the actual area that shows all of the folders & their contents they are not there either - it's bizarre.

    Mrs KG
  19. Hi all,

    Oh dear here I am again! This morning I put the pc on (an old mac osx 10.4.11 2007 new hard drive 2011 when everything on it disappeared) only to find that half of my bookmarks on the bar have disappeared and going into the 'show all bookmarks' area these folders and contents have completely disappeared.

    Does anyone know why this might have happened - is my pc about to give up the ghost yet again? I know I need a more up to date model but I don't want to fork out for a new one just yet and also I've then got to decide what to replace it with - another post in the future I think.

    I'm no techno geek so if you have any instructions for me please instruct in the simplest of language (remember I couldn't find how to extend the length of the phone ring the other day)

    As always thanks. Mrs KG
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