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  1. Thanks both for your responses, you are both correct and I now wish I hadn't paid up front in Decemeber as today my Attestation de Versement arrived showing the cotisations paid for 2015 and guess what in the 4eme trimestre 0.00 is shown! So I've just emailed Urssaf. I noticed that where as these Attestations usually come from La Roche Sur Yon, this one has come from Nantes so the email has been sent to Nantes - I hope this is not going to turn into another one of those headaches! Thinking about it maybe I should send the same email to La Roche office as well.

    Mrs KG
  2. Hello all,

    Does anyone have any info on what is happening regarding payments to URSSAF for health. I never did receive the usual December bill but I sent a cheque anyway as I emailed and asked what amount they wanted and now the usual March bill hasn't arrived. Has the system for payments changed? I just can't seem to find any info on the website regarding payments.

    Thanks Mrs KG

  3. Ditto, ice on the windows, warm water bottles on the pipes in the bathroom, woolly jumpers and several of them on top of each other. Bedsocks and a wooly hat as I had bronchitis as a child. I used to get sent off with a little round flat metal can to get parafin from the local shop for the little parafin heater that we had in the hallway, and then sent off to the post office to get some 'tanners' for the meters - gosh you've brought back memories and really we were only in this situation because my dad died when I was 10 and so my mum worked nights (SRN) as it paid more and we took in six students as we lived near to a university.

    I too watched last night's programme and it amazed me how cold these ladies said they were and IMO not surprising as they didn't look as though they were wearing much and not what I would call warm clothes. I had no sympathy for the lady that was about to get a pay meter installed as she had received several letters from her supplier over 11 months for unpaid bills and not once had she bothered to contact them by phone or letter. Now let's see a programmed that shows the plight of some of the really poor OAPs.

    Mrs KG
  4. Hello Nick,

    No at the time around 15 + years ago I did not know about the changes. I worked as a PA to the Finance Director of a large life insurance company & the OH also worked in the finance industry and so fortunately paid into private pension funds for many years and was given very good up to date advice re pensions private & state. We also asked for a state pension statement/forecast so that we could plan ahead for early retirement so that we might live reasonably on our pots and I agree with you that everyone should ask for a pension statement.

    I was just fed up with the government/IDS 'fiddling' around with the state pension yet again and so decided to do something totally out of my character and that was to write to IDS to make the point.

    Maybe my sympathy is for you as I think I may come out with more per week than perhaps you will that's if the Brexit doesn't give the government another reason to have a fiddle ! - I want to insert the 11th icon in here but i can't for some reason Wink or pull my tongue out at you!
  5. Hello all, well I think this is a very interesting topic and so I thought that I'd add my tuppence! If you haven't the time or inclination to read all of the letter via email that I sent to IDS a couple of years ago then do read the bit at the bottom as it may just make you giggle a little maybe we should trust what search engines tell us! Mrs KG

    Private Office to The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP
Tel: 0207 340 4000 (switchboard)
Fax: 0203 267 5091 
Email: [email protected]

    Hello IDS,

    Having never written to an MP before I now find that the time has come to let off some steam!

    Has the government thought the pensions changes through thoroughly? How can anyone make plans for retirement when in the last few years the following changes to receiving the OAP have taken place.


    I was born in May 1955 ie one month late in order to collect my pension at 60 a loss of 5 years.

    Your pension statement explained - July 2009

    Part of the Department for Work and Pensions

    - page 11

    "The first change is that the age at which women reach State Pension age will gradually increase to 65 the same as for men. This increase will happen in stages between 2010 and 2020, and will affect you if you are a woman born on or after 6 April 1950 but before 6 April 1955.

    If you are a woman born on or after 6 April 1955 but before 6 April 1959, your State Pension age will be 65."


    I now loose another year, a loss of 6 years in total

    Pension age will increase to 66

    Equality Impact Assessment January 2011


    "As a result of these changes, women born from 6 April 1953 to 5 April 1960 and men born from 6 December 1953 to 5 April 1960 will have a higher State Pension age than if no change to the current timetable was made."



    "To get the full basic State Pension you need 30 years worth of contributions or credits. These are your ‘qualifying years’. If you have fewer than 30 years your State Pension will be less than £107.45 per week."

    I breathe a sigh of relief as I have worked full time since I was 15 and stopped working at 51.5 years as my husband took early retirement at that point.


    "People will have to make 35 years' worth of National Insurance contributions to qualify for the more generous weekly retirement payments from 2017, up from 30 years now. At the moment, an individual begins to build up state pension entitlement after one year of NI contributions, but under the new system this will be increased to 10 years. The minimum state pension will be £41 a week in today's money, based on 10 years of NI contributions".

    I take back my sigh of relief as I now need 35 years worth of contributions. I now find I am short of 35 years by 2.5 years.

    So, at the moment the government has gained six years of not having to pay for my OAP. Plus the government is going to pay me less due to me having worked full time for 36.5 years approx but as the first 4 years do not count (started work aged 15) I have not achieved the 35 years now needed.

    PS I don't know whether my husband will contact you separately as he now finds he will have to wait an extra year to collect his OAP and having thought that working 33 years from the age of 19 he would collect a full state pension he finds that is now WRONG !

    So the government is doing quite well out of this household.

    We have never had children so therefore have not collected any benefits from the state in this respect.

    PS as a somewhat amusing end to my gripe, I did a search for Ian Duncan Smith on the link below and was rather bemused to the suggestion on the search site

    'did you mean' 'Ian Redundancy Smith' !!!!!


    You'll be getting my vote every time !!

    Kind regards,
  6. Hello Nomoss,

    Don't know if this is any help but 3 years ago we had to renew our UK passports. We went to the post office and asked for a Mandat Cash as we don't have any credit cards and the UKGov. don't accept cheques. There was a charge of 7 euros for the Mandat Cash.

    We asked for the docs to be sent AR but were recommended the Lettre Suivie Documents rather than AR and which was cheaper and that we would be able to track the envelope via the internet. It is signed for at the receiving end so on the recommendation of 'moin cher' I accepted her offer at a cost of 3,90 which I thought was excellent.

    Mrs KG
  7. Norman, maybe we haven't said how much we have appreciated your ready reckoner and I'm sure there are many of us. Do please update it as it's soooooo very useful. If you should update it for us, will I be able to use it on my new imac?

    Thanks, Mrs KG

  8. Hello and thanks to one and all for the info - much appreciated.

    It makes sense now as until last year our tax bill each year was around 300 euros. So now that I've got over myself I think that I'd rather NOT have one large bill to pay in September and that the 3 bill spread is much better for my budget system!

    Oh I need a large glass of red! Cheers, Mrs KG
  9. Hello all

    I paid my tax bill in full last September amounting to 1034 euros. Today I've received a bill ie Avis d'Impot Premier Compte showing the total of 1034 and that I need to pay 324 euros. I'm hoping that they have made a mistake or have I missed something and I'm being billed for this years tax in advance in case they think I can't pay up?!! Nothing would surprise me.

    Thanks Mrs KG (having a slight panic!)
  10. How long have you been in the system Lehaut. I only ask because we have been in the system since 2008. (I piggyback off my husband so it may well affect me.) However, this is the first year that we were not asked to fill in the usual blue form nor send a copy of our passports or OH's driving licence. In fact all we had to do was send 6 months of EDF bills and return these with the letter they'd sent to us. It was as if we had finally passed the test!

    Now I don't know but maybe if someone has passed the 5 year rule it wont be necessary to supply a titre de sejour which 9 years ago I was told wasn't necessary and they wouldn't even consider it even though I don't have a driving licence and so my only ID is carrying around my passport every time I leave the front door.

    Do wish they'd get on with it though.

    Mrs KG
  11. Oh Chancer I agree with you entirely. In the last two weeks the door bell has been worn out and the batteries flat (was told 'your doorbell isn't working' I said 'and') and if I don't open the door which quite often I don't then the door or windows take a beating and it's all because someone wants something. I do tend to get too involved in helping but on this occasion I've stepped back and the young lady can do the rest herself. I also have new english neighbours who latched on to us and were starting to drive us up the wall several times a day wanting information for this that and t'other, using my PC (never again) I know I hear you say 'pigeon'! In 9 years we haven't asked anyone for help other than using this forum. I tell these newbies everything they need to know about living in France can be found via forums - but it's like talking to the deaf and then they reward me by saying they are going to use their EHIC card until it runs out 2 years down the line and work on the black, to which I reply that's illegal - makes me very cross.

    A downside of having the front door near to the pavement! If we choose to move in the future we shall surround ourselves by a 6ft hedge/lockable gates etc.

    Mrs KG - sorry rabbited on a little here.
  12. Hello all,

    Maybe you are aware of this but I wasn"t. I received a letter from MMA stating that from February until May our payments for top up health were to increase by around 25 euros a month. I emailed MMA asking why and the reply was

    'L’augmentation est due à une nouvelle taxe du gouvernement Français.'

    Has anyone got any info about this?

    So this is where the money is coming from to fund the 1000-2000 euros per new employee for small business as Mon H said it wouldn't come from taxes!

    Mrs KG
  13. Thanks Wooly I will pass that on as well. Mrs KG

    ps meant to say on the first post that she'd described her bath as a bath tub which made me laugh. She wanted to know why so I explained that I had a vision of shower cap, back brush and loads of bubbles escaping all over the bathroom floor. I then showed her this which made us both crack up! Mrs KG

  14. Hello all,

    My young french neighbour arrived at lunch time with a piece of paper written in english with details of her property that she wants to sell. She asked me to go through it with her as her english is not good (bit like my french!). Having got all the details in the right order and added things the english like to know about that she'd excluded she then went on to ask which was the best website to put it on and mentioned Gumtree. Now I know nothing of Gumtree but at a glance I think it's more for UK properties. I think she's looking for a free website so my question is what websites would be best for her to post her details on.

    Any info gratefully received. Mrs KG
  15. Hello all,

    Finally received the CPAM acceptance letter yesterday. Usually it states the amount due in total for the year but this letter doesn't mention an amount payable so guess another letter is due to arrive at some point. Is it possible to find this information on the system somewhere? I have checked on Amelie but there's nothing on there.

    Thanks, Mrs KG

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