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  1. Thanks EuroTrash, I don't why but when anything official arrives I automatically go into panic mode (did in the UK). I wondered about the Brexit bit cos of the bit below and the 5 year bit which hasn't been on previous letters but you are right I should stop worrying about it! 3 beers and a large bag of crisps did the trick last night! Mrs KG "JE M'INFORME SUR MES DROITS : le Centre des Liaisons Européennes et Internationales de Sécurité Sociale (CLEISS) m'aide à comprendre ma situation au regard des législations française et étrangère et des accords internationaux de sécurité sociale. Je consulte son site sur www.cleiss.fr "
  2. Thanks Patf, we are in the system and have been paying our dues to URSSAF since 2007. I can only think that they must think that our situation has changed. It has but only in that I received my company pension last year. We don't collect the UK OAP for around another 15 months.
  3. Thanks for the info Norman. We can show the documents as we have been doing so since 2007. The last time we received what was a yearly request was 2016! Nothing's changed with our situation. Fortunately in the last couple of days I've been gathering & scanning all our documents from 2012 ready for applying for a TdS permanent. I'm now wondering if the TdS is worth the bother if the health situation proves the right to residence.
  4. Hi all, I'm slightly perturbed with this as we haven't had to do one for a couple of years - has anyone else received one of these - what's it all about - no don't tell me it's to do with Brexit please! As always thanks in advance. Mrs KG. Received an email today from Amelie ' Ce document vous concerne personnellement, ne tardez pas à le consulter.' So I logged in to find a letter stating: Vous beneficiez de la prise en charge de vos depenses de sante en votre qualite d'inactifs communautaires. Merci de nous adresser (vous pouvez egalement nous contacter par telephone pour convenir d'un rendez-vous. (There is a lot more info and the form to complete) Le questionnaire ci-joint integralement complete, date et signe. In addition it says if we have been living in france for more than 5 years they want to see the last 5 tax notices, last 5 habitation & fonciere notices etc etc. Le statut de resident permanent s'acquiert apres 5 annees de residence effective en France et si il est avere vous ne releveriez plus de la legislation des inactifs communautaires. - (what does this mean?) and then end it by saying 'pensez a la faire rapidement, votre situation pourra ansi etre examinee dans la meilleurs delais.
  5. Have a look at this as it is a good explanation IMHO. Sorry don't know how to make it live! https://unitedinbrittany.com/topic/pension-payments/ Mrs KG
  6. My holiday home neighbour has just received one of these letters and asked me what to do. Looking at the letter they had enclosed a short summary in english and an english form to fill in. I said put your national insurance number on the line 'My Tax Indentification No. is' This may be of interest - sorry don't know how to make it a live link. Mrs KG https://www.oecd.org/tax/automatic-exchange/crs-implementation-and-assistance/tax-identification-numbers/UK-TIN.pdf
  7. Hi all, Just received a call from 038663 which I didn't answer as the number looked odd and no message left. Anyone else received such a call ie is it one of those numbers doing the rounds that you don't want to know about! Thanks, Mrs KG
  8. There is a lot of information here about Tax, Investments, Health etc - I have found it very useful in the past and you can sign up for the monthly News letter to keep yourself up to date with changes. Mrs KG - sorry don't know how to make the link live but someone on here will be able to I'm sure. https://www.french-property.com/guides/france/
  9. We are early retired and have not worked (intentionally) whilst in France. I have an 'at a glance' chart and the figures shown below are the averages for over 10 years. Our yearly bills have been roughly 9500 euros that covers everything except household emergencies ie hot water tank replacement etc. Our health insurance which varies according to income each year averages at 400 euros per yr. Top up health insurance averages at 1270 per yr. Prelevement Sociales a form of tax which have to be paid has averaged out over 10 years at 700 per yr. We don't pay income tax at the moment as we don't have enough income but in a couple of years time when one of us collects UK state pension we will then be paying Income Tax. We may or may not after Brexit have to pay Prelevement Sociales on our pension income as we would be entitled to the S1 however it is still payable on interest which for us is minimal anyway. EDF 1350 per yr plus wood and believe me we are not always warm & cosy in our small stone house. I have not mentioned the insurance for house & cars, nor the Habitation which is being phased out for some according to income, nor the Fonciere, nor phone contract but all of which are included in the yearly 9500 euros. Hopefully this is of some help to you. Mrs KG
  10. Hi Cajal, It was based on the said directive that I believed that I would be able to open an account in the UK. In March 2017 one of the providers I applied to was The Post Office and was refused due to no credit score and so I wrote to the BBA. The reply contained the following: The fact you can't be credit checked should not afffect the opening of an account in the UK but no one can force a bank to give you an account. So where do you go with a reply like that - I gave up trying as I was fed up with the amount I'd spent on postage to no avail plus all the copying of relevant doc as required.
  11. We kept one UK bank account fortunately closing down everything in hindsight not a good idea as when the OH was about to receive a company pension we decided to open another account for this pension to be deposited in. We tried several banks/building societies only to be turned down because they couldn't get a credit score on us as we only have a UK debit card. Mrs KG
  12. Yikes, I've just read about this on another forum and within that discussion someone is saying that we will no longer be able to receive our company pensions in our UK bank accounts because we live in the EU! I do hope they have got this one wrong. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-10/britain-s-retired-sun-seekers-risk-losing-pensions-after-brexit Mrs KG
  13. To be sure, I emailed my local I'mpot office regarding my question and the response received today as follows: Non vous ne devez pas inscrire le montant des retraites sur ce formulaire car il est réservé aux comptes bancaires détenus à l'étranger. Hope this is of help do those who worry about it like what I do! Mrs KG
  14. Yes, as you say it appears to be related to crowd- funding - ah well that's one line I don't have to be concerned about! Thanks pomme, Mrs KG
  15. Hi all, Just going through the 2047 and discovered a new line under the Interets section line 243 Interets des prets participatifs et des minibons. Can someone please enlighten me as I haven't a clue as to what it means. Thank you........Mrs KG
  16. Thanks Gardian I've just downloaded my copy and will now go into hibernation for some time! Mrs KG
  17. Mint I know what you mean about clutter I've been doing the same and it's also much cheaper to buy one product that covers everything rather than buying separate tubes. If you go down the Nuxe route do be sure to get the 150ml tube as there is a similar product similar price but only 50ml. Mrs KG
  18. This I like and I believe doesn't contain any nasties. Also I can buy from the pharmacy or on-line via the nuxe website but usually I buy on-line from All Beauty when they're giving a discount! NUXE SUN Lait Délicieux Haute Protection SPF 30 150ml 23,50 € Mrs KG
  19. Thanks BinB. I received the paper forms on Saturday which I didn't know if we would get via the post and read through the pink 'Notice Revenus 2017' which I prefer to read in paper form rather than on a screen. It seems the boxes to fill are the same as last year and as I don't have to go down the route of a digital signature I just have to get on with it! Thanks again all.
  20. Hi, I have just posted a message on the forum but noticed on my address line after signing in 'website not secure' - yikes I hope it is. Mrs KG
  21. Many thanks to you both, seems I have one less reason for not doing it on-line! Mrs KG
  22. Hi all, Having said I didn't want to do my tax return on-line, I am now considering doing so only trouble is that I have no idea how to create a digital signature on my imac os high sierra. Please could someone explain - in very simple terms what I have to do. Thanks in advance as always. Mrs KG
  23. Parsnips post jogged my memory re an email I sent to SIP Mayenne 2 years ago re Paypal which I kept (as proof if necessary) and after some digging around found where I'd stored it! . The response was as follows: Vous devez indiquer sur le formulaire 3916 vos comptes à l'étranger. Le paypal n'est pas un compte bancaire . C'est un moyen de paiement . Il n'est donc pas à indiquer sur le formulaire 3916. I guess that the reply would indicate that we only supply bank accounts info on the 3916? Mrs KG
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