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  1. Thanks all for the replies/advice.

    Interestingly coops, for the three years that we have been paying these cotisations we have never once received a bill in december but like you we sent a cheque (not wanting to be accused of not paying up and giving them the excuse to kick us out of the system) and covering letter to which we have never once received a reply.

    I wonder if the March avis will turn up shortly.

    Thanks again, Chris
  2. Hello all,

    Yesterday I received my Avis d'echeance. I knew the March bill was due but I noticed that instead of the payment being sent to Laval it was to be sent to Roche Sur Yon (85) of course I then looked more closely and noticed that it was for the quatrieme trimestre 2011 which I had paid in december at my usual office Laval. I then noticed that the amount was wrong albeit by 50 centimes but also the numero cotisant was different.

    So, I have spent some time this morning trying to get through to the Roche office which I did eventually. The lady said my dossier had now been transferred to the Roche office and when I said that I'd paid at the Laval office she said it was a document double and that I was up to date with payments. I asked if I should put it in the dustbin and she laughed and agreed I should.

    Of course I didn't think to ask why my dossier has been transferred to Roche. My french isn't that good and I don't want to ring the office again so I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience particularly in department 53 or knows if there are changes at URSSAF.

    Many thanks in advance.
  3. 'Incidentally carte de sejours are easily available'

    Oh no they aren't. I've tried and in frustration I went to the maire who rang on my behalf only to be told they are no longer necessary and therefore will not issue me with one. I wanted it for ID for an official purpose. As I don't drive I don't have a licence so I now carry my passport with me everywhere.

  4. Well thanks for all the responses.

    ooooh la la, I think I'm going into hibernation! I don't know what I've got other than a sky box, a small black dish sitting half way up the outside wall which allows me to view all the BBC and ITV programmes and a few others thrown in! I was told if there is ever a problem with the sky box to ring the chappy that installed it and to never ring the sky number. So with all that firmly planted in my little grey matter I am quite content other than on a saturday night I would quite like - and I can hear your groans! - to record strictly come dancing and perhaps as winter arrives one or two other dramas to watch at a few hours later when I stagger in from the fete that I didn't want to go to in the first place, having stoked up the old poele, got the toast on the go and the bottle of wine opened and finally draped myself over the too small a sofa that will give me jip in my back by the early hours but hey who cares this is the life! I just want something simple to be able to record the programmes that's all nothing complicated as I can't be bothered - how lazy does that sound!

    As you are by now probably aware the fete started this afternoon and I am three sheets to the wind already !!

    so bye bye for now, and thanks for all the info I'm off to put the toast on!.....Chris
  5. I remember Shippos well having lived in Notts for some years always referred to as *n*ts p**s. I used to go to the local chippy and get a tanner's worth of chips, battered cod, pickled onion then ask if there was any crispy bits (remember those floaty bits on the top of the oil) to put on the top and then finish it off with a VIMTO!

  6. Oh Idun, if only I could go in, do, and get out. The problem for me and many others as I understand it is quite a common problem in that I feel I want to 'do' but once on the throne I cannot 'do'. Therefore I have to sit and wait. If one reads a book it relaxes the vital organ whereas if one sits and waits one tends to start pushing - I know from experience as I have ended up with a twisted gut from pushing too hard for too long!
  7. What piddles me off is that most of our visitors english and french do not take their shoes off. They go upstairs to the loo (the only one we have) which is in the bathroom which leaves me cringeing. They don't take their shoes off in their own homes and if I step out of mine when visiting I get a load of verbal so am terrified of asking them to remove theirs when they visit - whimp that I am!
  8. Do you remember the tv programme Magpie (depending on your age!) since then I've been buying coconuts bashing them in half, make a hole at the top to thread a bit of string ready to tie to a branch. Now melt some lard or similar in a pan, pour in mixed seeds, stir then when cooled slightly pour into the coconut shell and leave to set. Then dangle your large hairy fat balls (te hee) where you can see them !!
  9. Thanks Loiseau,

    I have just realised that next sunday (25th) is the Art & Jardin fair at Ceauce - very near to us and usually there are quite a few pepiniers there from the Mayenne and Lower Normandy regions so I may find what I'm looking for there or at least a contact. I also need a replacement thuya, about three reasonable sized conifer bushes and some box and all would have to be delivered as I don't have a trailer and the boot of our car is too small.

    I will also check out Pages Jaunes - thanks for the reminder as PJ never occurs to me !

  10. [quote user="JayJay"]

    I hope your top taster & of course you, enjoy them. It's just a shame clotted cream isn't readily available here.


    You can get clotted cream delivered from:


    I have no connection with them other than we visit regularly to stock up with their delicious bangers, meat etc. However, you may find their delivery charge a bit steep if you only wanted a couple of jars of cream, but for a really special treat it might be worth considering and probably cheaper than taking the troops out to a patisserie for a cake treat

  11. [quote user="Pads"]I was going to put The Celestine Prophecy as well but although I have read it 3 times im still not sure what I thing about it ...Is it a book written by a very clever brain washer !! or a very intuative man who seemed to pick up on many things Id felt and thought about most of my life. I have never believed in coincedences always thinking there was a reason for them and now I can see why ...Interesting and clever book.

    Knee gel I would be interested to here what happened to you on the train ??[/quote]

    Pads, I've pm'd you. Chris
  12. The Celestine Prophecy - wouldn't be everyone's cuppa tea however for me, due to an incident on a train, I no longer believe in coincidence.

    But the book I've enjoyed the most so far and which made me think about the german families who hated the war as much as anyone else is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I've lent this book out numerous times and everyone seems to feel the same way about it ie they love it.
  13. Rose that made me laugh.......i think we brits must be very entertaining for the infirmieres/soignants and I wonder if they do it on purpose to brighten their day.

    I was asked or so I thought:

    "avez vous un pet?"

    "oui, un chat son nom est dora, voici une photo de elle"

    after all the oooohs and aaahs they explained sheepishly that it was french for f*** - I laughed and told them they were taking the p*** - mais pas du tout!


  14. When I pick up my old age pension (if I'm still alive and it's still being paid!) this is where we're going to celebrate it.

    If anyone has read the book 'Come To My Table' by Louise Luiggi or goes to the French Living restaurant in Nottingham which I can highly recommend for excellent food at a sensible price, will already know about it. If anyone is interested then have a look at the links. Chris



    ps I ought to add that my french neighbours say that it's where thiefs and crooks hide out - they haven't been to the UK !!
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