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  1. Hi ET,

    No, not auto enrepreneur, not employed at all just early retired so not on an S1 yet from the UK so paying into the french health care system. A friend who is an AE said she has to get her payment in by 31st July so I guess there are different cut off dates for payment for AEs to the early retired.

    Oh and apologies you are correct it is for the 2nd trimestre.


  2. Hi EuroTrash

    I don't have an espace client but maybe I should look into that. Can't visit as I'm miles away from La Roche in the very north of Mayenne.

    To explain further, I want to know in writing whether or not they have received my cheque for the 3rd trimestre cotisations that was due for payment 30 June latest and which I posted to them on the 16th June.

    Usually the cheque is banked within a few days. I rang last week and eventually got through after many tries holding on then getting cut off. The lady looked at my account and said the payment had been received. It has not shown up on my bank statement so I contacted the bank who have looked into it and say to date the cheque has not been presented and that I should send another cheque and they will stop the first one.

    Now I don't want to go down the route of stopping the cheque if it is wandering around somewhere within URSSAF. Neither do I want to send a second cheque and end up paying twice and all the palava of getting a refund.

    If I can get it in writing it will put my mind at rest before the next payment is due September and I don't want to receive any demands for unpaid cotisations. I may end up writing to them and sending AR but I know that that doesn't necessarily mean I will get a reply.

  3. Thanks Benjamin. My thoughts too. We caught them. A couple pulled up outside of our house, the passenger got out opened the back door of the car which of course got me suspicious and then she picked up one of my cats. We ran out and stopped her at the point where she was about to put him on the back seat of the car. The male driver got out and apologised saying they had lost their cat and that they thought our cat was theirs (I do have proof that he isn't). All I have is their car reg and make but as you say it's not proof. If they are genuine then I am not out to make trouble for them but even so I think they need to know that you can't go around helping yourself to someone else's animal and of course when they realised he didn't belong to him I guess he would have been dumped somewhere to find his way back home - a thought that makes my stomach turnover especially as he is an old cat and was originally left behind in our village when his owners disappeared some years ago.

  4. Hi

    It could be worth contacting these folk for info. Their beer is good, very very good especially when you've not had any 'proper' beer for a while. If I remember correctly what they told us when we visited them about 10 years ago they started off making cider but lost most of their apple trees during a bad storm and wondering how to carry on someone gave them the idea of making beer using their existing equipment. It has worked for them, there are several english pubs in the Normandy area which do well and which sell their beer and the beer can also be found on sale at some of the food fairs. Maybe you could incorporate selling their beer as it's brewed in france alongside imported beers.

    Sorry to have prattled on a bit, hope the info is of use.

  5. Hi,

    If you use a sheer linen fabric you will get a good deal of privacy and you will be able to see out although in the evening with the lights on you will still get some privacy from the outsiders looking in but not as much as during the day!

    Here's how I've made mine for a portiere rod which you can buy from bricomarche and which swings allowing you to open the windows.

    Cut the fabric to the drop required allowing for seams top, bottom and sides plus the pocket for the heading.

    For the pocket heading sew twice along each side of the pocket for strength.

    For the bottom edge slide a small piece of flat wooden beading or a thin piece of flat metal to keep the curtain taut.

    Another option if the window doesn't open is to fix a small wooden baton across the top of the window. Staple or glue velcro to it.

    Fix the opposite of the velco to the curtain and press in place, this makes it easy to remove for washing. (No need for a pocket in the curtain if using this method).

    Another alternative is to make a roman blind using sheer linen which would attach to the wooden baton using velcro to attach (it does work as I have two blinds made in this way). It means I can pull the blind up and down to any position I want, pull it all the way up to have the windows open and of course take them down easily for washing!

    If you are interested in how to make a roman blind I can post the details.

    Hope this is of help.
  6. Hi all,

    Maybe of use to anyone who like me wants to get a head start especially as our usual visitors arrive the beginning of May for several weeks.


    edit: sorry I should have been more clear and said that if you go to the link above you can then access the forms via Le Particulier.

  7. Hi Mogs,

    I had two endoscopies one in Mayenne and one in Angers within a few days of each other. I was terrified as it was the first time I've been in hospital but the surgeon in Mayenne was quite the comedian he put a mask over my mouth and was acting the goat but within seconds I was out for the count and didn't know anything about what went on. Felt no pain during or after.

    The one in Anger was also fine, I was given an injection in the arm and told to count the numbers down from 10 to 0 on the monitor. Needless to say I was flat out before reaching 0.

    On the negative side, I think I came out of it too quickly or wasn't given enough or the surgeon took too long who knows as I felt the tube coming back up and started to gag. The nurse ran for some rather thick looking kitchen roll and caught my watery eruption in it - yuk. When I got back to my ward I found I'd gicked my pants - I was so embarrassed and got the OH to clean me up before anyone else was aware! So I have definately decided to wear dark pants (I was wearing white ones!) should I ever have to have another endoscopie and will probably wear some pampers!

    and not quite finished I found a tooth had been broken I guess that was down to me gagging on the tube but again I felt no pain during or after.

    Best wishes to you and if you've already had it done then I hope it all went exceptionally well.
  8. Hello and happy new year to all.

    Thanks very much for the link however, I get the message 'vous utilisez une version de safari qui n'est plus compatible. Il se peut que certaines fonctionnalites ne fonctionnent pas correctement'.

    Is there a quicker/easier way around my problem other than my inputting all onto my numbers programme? (I hate numbers much prefer MS Excel but it came with the package!)

    Thanks, Chris
  9. Definately prawn cocktail even if it does smack of the 70s as we love it.

    No idea what the main will be yet.

    The usual cheese board.

    For pudd there will definately be a Nigella's spruced up vanilla cake. I wanted to make it last year having seen her Christmas TV programme but guess lots of others felt the same way as the shops had sold out of the pans. Managed to get one from Amazon last April! Was a bit apprehensive of whether it would come out of the tin complete or whether it might be turned into a bread and butter pudding, however I tried it out last week and it just plopped onto the plate in tact - result!

    There will also be Nigella's Nutella Hazelnut Cheesecake - absolutely delicious, easy to make and it can be frozen so I'll make that in advance.

    and...I have just discovered Laiterie Les Secrets Fraise & Chantilly sorbet ice cream - ahhhh lovely lovely - can you tell I have a very sweet tooth?

    oh and not forgetting plenty of booze!

    Happy Christmas everyone....................
  10. I've just made some of these for UK visitors and some french neighbours - they all loved them (so did I) and so I had to confess to them that it wasn't a recipe I'd made up and had to hand them the recipe book with pens and paper - do try them as they are not difficlut to make and I think the next best thing to an english bacon and egg sarnie!

  11. [quote user="greyman"][quote user="NormanH"]At least parsnips gets it right unlike the Correction.



    That's so true Norman. I for one would pay for a guide produced by parsnips and he is happy to delve into the more difficult areas which the above rag avoids. I have been very impressed with his in-depth knowledge so freely given.


    Totally agree with everyone here. Thank you. Chris
  12. [quote user="Gengulphus"]There is a clip of his Petit Pâté de Porc des Cévennes (with chestnuts, etc.) here :


    (But I don't have a television  -  so I can't tell if it is the same thing… )[/quote]

    That's the one - thank you although it's taken from the TV series and he doesn't give measurements but I can probably work it out from watching the clip although I usually mess up with guess work !!
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