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  1. if it assists i have just bought a Stihl MS 181 C-BE Comfort Petrol Chainsawi think, fot £235 trade it has a 14 inch chain. i was told this was the best combination for light work. it has a very easy start mechanism and having used it one its great. just remember though, you cant buy a new stihl on line hope that assists kim
  2. Hi Well I dont have an answer, and Im still looking for the right package. firstly check that the area you want to go to has the right coverage. 3g coverage is patchy to say the least, eg ive found that only orange provide 3g in my area. I cant speak for pay as you go, but the monthly package i was looking at, is firstly very costly in comparison with a UK deal (40epm) but a mountain of proof/paperwork is needed.  The carphone warehouse equilivant, The Phone House, requires from me: 1 RIB 2 Passport 3 Bank card 4 a utility bill with my French address on it (as my cheque book has my uk address printed) 5 a french address My French which is not great at the best of times, is Im afraid wanting when trying to negotiate a phone contract, though i am aware that the penalties for exceeding the limits are severe. good luck in your search and i will follow your choice with interest kim
  3. Hi Im  also looking for mobile broadband in france, really for occasional use at a maison seconde. The 2 problems I experiance are that in the depths of Dept 62 the coverage seems to be poor. and my French is is not good at the best of times is being sorely tested when trying to negotiate a mobile broadband contract. The best package for me, limited use  during the week and unlimited at weekend, doesnt have good enough coverage, so ive gone (or going) for an orange deal at e15 per month.  Im now getting together my documents (utility bill, RIB etc) for my 3rd visit to City of Europe to sort it out once and for all. Kim
  4. i bought a husqvana with a metal blade attachment kim
  5. i thought viruss only came with the windows programme and the selling point for macs is that theres no viruss. i might be wrong tho kim
  6. im looking for an occsional internet package for my maison seconde im recommended a Bouygues cles internet package 10e per month, with 2 hours per night and unlimited at weekends id be grateful for anny advice/views thanks kim
  7. i bought on ebay genuine cheap look to feedback kim
  8. i use elements well worth the money kim
  9. a word of warning.....an external hard drive is no more reliable than an internal one, and therefore dont rely  too heavily upon it, and certainly not as your only sourceto store id advise eith 2 hard drives or burning your treasures to dvd as well kim
  10. im in the uk and waiting the delivery of a citroen my dealer on the south coast says hes had a number of enquiries from over the water...... kim
  11. i think downstairs at gare de nord, big walk in jobby kim
  12. ok create a restore point go to control panel system device manager sound mine then shows via high defin audio delete that file then insert the cd that came with comp and reinstall that file, will do auto from that cd dont let it install from hard drive hope that works kim
  13. cheers great info kim
  14. hi can i ask what most people use. i have a large pile of freshly cut wood which is sitting on the drive under a tarpaulin. it will need a year or so to dry out and i wondered what folks would recommend? the french obviously well experiance seem to have perfectly built stores ty kim
  15. hi only problem was sound went if it happens to u ill tell u the simple fix otherwise no problems kim
  16. hi the  strip lights in the garage have seen better days and need replacing. can someone kindly assist as to whether theres any problem with buying uk replacements and fitting them? ty kim
  17. cool i wish they would put one on the a26? south of calais, im fed up with it or its neighbour not working and having to reverse back up kim
  18. great experiance i went to the gp 2 years ago, except although i booked 7 months before, had to stay in Brussels, nothing closer and it took 5 hours to walk down the mountain, to the car and to reach the motorway, never again kim
  19. yes its on the bbc website under scotland drive carefully kim
  20. it looks like you dont need a dongle for that, it says it has built in broadband. from the uk spec...'Get online in a flash. From just £25 a month you get the award-winning Samsung NC10 netbook with 1GB of mobile broadband. And because our superfast mobile broadband is built-in, there's no separate modem to worry about'. therefore as far as i know when you buy the laptop you purchase a contract, as you do with a mobile phone. this sounds easier than linking your phone to your laptop it will be nothing to do with your home computer. but where ever you are you must ensure you have the coverage as you would need to use the phone, but be aware im told the connection reliability etc isnt so good compared with a home connection. finally you can do without a connection if your laptop is wifi enabled and you can find a cafe etc which if wifi enabled hope this assists kim
  21. for the pro, they wouldnt  touch anything other than a stihl or husquavana (sic) stihl is by far the better make, but they wont sell be mail order and tend to be about £100 more expensive than a husq. having said that i have an electric flymo woodshark which is great kim
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