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  1. 2 hours ago, Harnser said:

    Noooo - that's sodium chlorate. Very effective explosive mixture rammed into a 12 inch length of bike frame tube flatten the ends and drill a small hole for jetex fuse - light it and run like hell   - So they tell me!?

    In those days out in the country nobody took a blind bit of notice of the loud bang!

    Nooo, don't try this at home.  In my misspent youth, we used to mess with this kind of stuff.  Unfortunately, one time, nothing appeared to happen, so my pal Jeff foolishly decided to clunk it with a hammer.  To this day he still walks with a slight limp as a result of the tube disappearing into his leg, just above the knee and exiting via his lower thigh.  He has also coped miraculously well for the last 60 years without a left hand.

    Over the years, I've often wondered how I would have carried on had I been the one who swung the hammer. What kind of profession I would have followed I can't begin to imagine, as you don't come across many one-handed professional guitarists.

    Oh, and I can still hear the bang to this day.

  2. The murderer has received a paltry 25 years—hardly life.  The mother has received 8 years, just slightly over half the maximum of 14 years, for allowing and participating in a murder.

    Meanwhile, a child is dead and the father of the baby's mother took his own life, believed to be unable to come to terms with the horrific offences his daughter allowed the murderer to commit on his grandchild.

    Make your own opinions on the justice system that oversaw this trial.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Gluestick said:

    Well cajal Hades, being a supposed Greek God rather than a place,

    Which is why I decided to use the expression I did.  See above or below.

    7 hours ago, cajal said:

    here's hoping my departure transit terminus is chez hades


    1 hour ago, Gluestick said:

    Additionally, you clearly believe in having a soul and some form of life after death?

    Beats me...

    Which is why I decided to finish the paragraph as I did. See above or below.

    7 hours ago, cajal said:



  4. 1 hour ago, Gluestick said:

    Does this apply to most of the few remaining devout worshipers as well as the shall we say management honchos in the Vatican?

    Unfortunately, it is the remaining few who cling on to the brainwashing myths passed down by the 'management honchos' in the Vatican. It is their choice and I accept that.

    When my candle is finally snuffed out, and I depart this life, here's hoping my departure transit terminus is chez hades as I doubt I will know anyone at the alternative destination. ☺️

  5. 6 minutes ago, Lehaut said:

     in her usual venue - a church.  



    I am making the assumption here that the church was of catholic denomination?  If correct, I understand that catholics have a right to determine what events will be performed in one of their own establishments.

    However, catholics dictating what standards and beliefs are acceptable, in a free society, where history shows that their shenanigans frequently have fallen short of their very own preachings and moral standards, seems rather questionable.



  6. Since the forum's new software launched, I haven't found it necessary to edit my posts, although others may not necessarily agree. I have searched high and low as to where I might locate this facility, as it's obviously available somewhere, as can be seen from the banner displayed on the posts of those who obviously locate this tool and use it.

    My question is therefore simply where is to be found?  Thanks for any help.

  7. 1 hour ago, Harnser said:

    Macron -  a purely personal ego trip to achieve a second term before swanning off to be the president of the EU.


    Given that he is yet to toss his hat into the ring and reading THIS, I suspect when France takes over the preidency of the council of Europe, in a few weeks time,  he will somehow morph into the president of the EU commission. Maybe, just may be he will decide not to run so as to give himself the opportunity to leap-frog (pun intended) over a 5-year tenure of presiding over the French nation with a view to, in just over 2 years, tossing his hat into the ring for the president of the European nation. ?

  8. Prime minister Johnson has announced a National Review into the circumstances leading up to the death of this poor boy and I also read that the sentencing recommendation for the two murderers has been elevated up to the Attorney General on the grounds that the sentences are felt to be too lenient. Hopefully the outcome of these two enquiries will produce the correct results required for justice to be seen to be done.

  9. 7 hours ago, alittlebitfrench said:


    We need to understand why people do this !

    Two things spring to mind. Inadequate or just sheer bad parenting and the mental derangement of the perpetrator  of such crimes.

    It was reported the stepmother had twice previously attempted to take her own life by hurling herself from buildings including a multi storey car park which resulted in 6 months hospitalization. 

    That would seem to tick one of the above boxes.

  10. 2 hours ago, NickP said:

     Quote from the BBC.com "But two months before Arthur died from a head injury, Solihull Council workers concluded he was living in a "happy household".

    Putting aside the inadequacies of the social care the child was not afforded, it probably was deemed to be a "happy household" by them.  Unfortunately and catastrophically, this happiness was not extend or intended to include the poor victim!

  11. 48 minutes ago, NickP said:

     People who do things like this make me wish we still had the death penalty.

    Personally I feel the death sentence would be too easy a way out for these two.  If I were a UK taxpayer, I would be quite happy to see my taxes spent on incarcerating them both till the end of their natural whilst being subjected to the same treatment, daily, that they subjected the little chap to.

    I also ask myself what kind of detrimental effect this trial will have had on the jurors who have had to view and listen to 9 weeks of every incident, including videos and messaging, of the events leading up to this child's eventual death.  I can't imagine anyone getting over that experience in a hurry.

    RIP Jimmy.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Ken said:

    You mean in the same way as car Grand Prix races perhaps?

    In 1906 the race was, for the 1st time, referred to as 'Grand Prix of the Automobile Club of France' or 'Grand Prix of France'  in honour of the host organisers and the host region. This was the 1st time in history that a race would receive that name and has continued to be used in several sports around the world.

    In answer to your question, yes that is what I mean.

  13. 1 hour ago, anotherbanana said:

    In English, Coleman Ba**s?

    Every Christmas while we lived in England together, my wife would include that year's particular edition in my hoard of presents.  We would always make a start of reading them out aloud whilst in bed on Christmas morning. A side splitting way to commence a mediocre day. Here are some samples:


    Harry Redknapp –

    “Samassi Abou don’t speak the English too good.”

    “Dani is so good-looking I don’t know whether to play him or f*** him!”

    Ruud Gullit –

    “We must have had 99 per cent of the game. It was the other three per cent that cost us the match.”

    Sir Bobby Robson –

    “Look at those olive trees – they’re two hundred years old —from before the time of Christ.”

    “Home advantage gives you an advantage.”

    “The first 90 minutes are the most important”

    Steve Lomas –

    “Germany are a very difficult team to play — they had 11 internationals out there today.”

    Paul Gascoigne –

    “I never predict anything and I never will.”

    Glenn Hoddle –

    “When a player gets to 30, so does his body.”

    David O’Leary –

    “I was a young lad when I was growing up.”

    Gerry Francis –

    “What I said to them at half-time would be unprintable on the radio.”

    Wayne Bridge (after winning the Carling Cup final 2007) –

    “The important thing was we got the three points.”

    Graham Taylor –

    “Very few of us have any idea of what life is like living in a goldfish bowl, except, of course, for those of us who are goldfish.”

    Bobby Robson (again) –

    “Everyone’s got tough games coming up. Manchester United have got Arsenal, Arsenal have got Manchester United and Leeds have got Leeds.”

    Kevin Keegan –

    “I came to Nantes two years ago and it’s much the same today, except that it’s totally different”

    “The 33 or 34-year-olds will be 36 or 37 by the time the next World Cup comes around, if they’re not careful.”

    Ian Wright –

    “Without being too harsh on David he cost us the match”

    Alvin Martin –

    “The new season will be all about scoring more goals than the opposition”

    Barry Venison –

    “I always used to put my right boot on first, and then obviously my right sock”

    Murdo MacLeod –

    “That was only a yard away from being an inch-perfect pass”

    Bryan Robson –

    “If we played like that every week then we wouldn’t be so inconsistent”

    Andy Gray –

    “Anyone who takes drugs should be hammered”


    Finally, two classics from the downright immature

    George Hamilton-

    “He’s pulling him off. The Spanish manager is pulling his Captain off!”

    to the  sadly apocryphal


    “The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey”


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