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  1. On 25/04/2022 at 18:10, ssomon said:

    Is the confrontational attitude in the responses of some/many members responsible for the waning popularity of this Forum?

    Just wondering .................

    Personally, I would say 'wonder' no more.

    The 'waning popularity' you refer to is certainly not a cause and effect of 'confrontational attitudes' of posters, as this thread has shown.

    No, the demise of posters on the forum must surely be attributed to the recent installation of the appalling  software by Archant's misguided hierarchy.

    Just check the double posts this week alone due to the inordinate amount of time it takes to load a reply.  The hassle and aggravation, so many experienced, attempting to sign-on following the installation of the 'updated'  software. The lack of input from the technical dept. The spam. The list is endless. Check out the online users at any time of the day, and I guarantee you will find there are at least 4 or 5 times the number of Guests viewing the forum than there are Members viewing.

    Archant need to hurry up and sell it on, as we are informed, to an organisation or body of people who are in a position, should they so choose,  to fix these issues or install fresh software.

    If that situation is achievable, then  the forum just may survive. Failure to act, and it will be dead in the water.


  2. On 25/04/2022 at 19:22, cajal said:

    I've loitered around here for around twenty years, and it has always been the case that confrontation attracts all comers and rubber neckers, which translates into high viewing figures.

    Well I rest my case, point proven, 40 replies in just two days with nearly 500 views. To survive, the forum obviously requires more contentious topics and posters. ?

    While we are on the topic of posters and their attitudes towards others, let's not forget the attitude of all the self servers who, at the first sign of a problem, descend here from their ivory towers to elicit help and assistance from the knowledgeable.  Once they've extracted the help they require, it's an exit stage left without even a by your leave or kiss my a.ss until the next issue ensues, and then back they come. Yes, you all know who you are.

    Here, I must give a shoutout to people like Martin963, although having departed France, still follow and offer up knowledge and assistance just as they willingly did whilst resident in France.


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  3. 7 hours ago, Catalpa said:

    Part of the problem is there isn't the variety of posters and experiences that there used to be. So the permanently and vocal depressed who blame France for their woes rather than themselves are foremost in their disparagement of others' questions and experiences rather than being just a part of the background noise of forum life.

    Ah, nostalgia ain't what it used to be, so let's break out the rose-tinted.

    I think you'll find that when the forum was a highly populated drop in place with a plethora of posters along with a variety of topics, the disparaging posts towards France were full on and far outweighed anything albf could muster up. There are, very occasionally, incidents of French bashing, but not any significant bashing of France to be concerned about.

    I  suspect that many ex posters are either dead or have returned to their original homelands or alternative pastures.

  4. 20 hours ago, cajal said:

    The significance of these statistics to residents of France would be??

    Read what I wrote.

    Stating that more Europeans didn't vote for Italy, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest last year, than did would have been just as relevant a statistic you could have quoted. In any election, for whatever reason, the amount of people who didn't vote is totally irrelevant as to the outcome for those who did vote.

    But heh, why not drag election results you disagree with into a topic, that doesn't require the statistics you quoted, to reinforce your own prejudices.


  5. 1 hour ago, NormanH said:

    That in all these elections the winning side have had a minority of votes.

    The figures I have seen are:-

    E. Macron LREM - 18,779,641  58.5%

    M. Le Pen RN - 13,297,760  41.5%

    Now, that sure as hell looks to me like Macron received the majority of votes cast. Maybe you know otherwise?

  6. 58 minutes ago, ssomon said:

    Is the confrontational attitude in the responses of some/many members responsible for the waning popularity of this Forum?

    Just wondering .................

    I've loitered around here for around twenty years, and it has always been the case that confrontation attracts all comers and rubber neckers, which translates into high viewing figures.

    Your post proves the point. Given that the forum can appear like a morgue these days, your question has attracted 3 replies within an hour. ?

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  7. 3 minutes ago, NormanH said:

    On a similar number of voters in the UK

    Conservative votes in the 2019 election: 13,966,565

    Votes for leave in the Brexit referendum  17,410,742

    The significance of these statistics to residents of France would be??

  8. This is not meant to teach your grandma how to suck eggs, but for assisting anyone struggling to create and submit a post

    Members need to be signed in to create a post.

    Select and click 'Create' - can be found in the forum header, to the left of the 'notification' bell. This will reveal 'Topic' - click on 'Topic'.

    This will reveal 'Select Forum'' - click the 'v' in the 'Select' box.

    This will reveal the 'Forum' list -  click on the > of the forum topic you want and click on 'Continue'.

    This will reveal a sub-list of forums within that topic - click on the forum you want to post on.

    This will reveal the page where you are able to compose, edit, review and 'Submit Topic'.

    After selecting 'Submit Topic' it is always prudent to wait, can sometimes seem like a lifetime, until the submitted topic is viewable as a forum post.

  9. Ha.  I'll see your one dog and raise you two dogs and a cat.

    Actually, it's a result for us. Every year we are harangued, for five months during the late autumn, winter and early spring, as their biological clocks remain permanently fixed on summertime. From Sunday onwards, life should return to some sort of normality. Yeah, right!

  10. 13 hours ago, Gardian said:

    The suggestion (from we all know who) that the cause of all this is the Unions, is frankly laughable.

    I don't suppose the union cautioned the employees, following the sale of the company to DP World in 2019, that by signing a Jersey based offshore 'maritime' employment contract that the inevitable could happen. They too, the unions, should accept a certain amount of culpability in this unfortunate situation.

  11. 10 hours ago, Gardian said:

    It’ll do for 3 lunches.

    We do our our’s in the steamer for 8-9 mins, then plated with butter, coarse salt and parmesan shavings.  Plus bread of course !

    I'll be with you at about 12.30, ok.

  12. A global hero who has been democratically elected president of a sovereign state that is under siege by a communist led regime attempting to expand its power and rule within the west of Europe, has chosen to deliver a live address to the seat of government of one of the oldest democratic countries in the world, this afternoon.

    To me, that sends out a clear message to all comers and the rest of the world, and I'm not even British.

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  13. 4 hours ago, NormanH said:

    Johnson has gratuitously undermined Macron’s Moscow initiative



    Macron had his audience with Putin on the 7th February.  Putin invaded Ukraine on 24th February.  The invasion is now in its eleventh day, with no sign of abating. Would you say that initiative you refer to, by Macron, is going well and to plan?

    If you believe that Putin could have been persuaded by anyone, let alone Macron, to scrap his invasion ambitions, you are seriously deluded.

    The way I read it was that Macron seized an opportunity to bolster his re-election chances here in France, particularly now as he has thrown his 'chapeau' into the ring. It would seem he was completely out manoeuvred and humiliated by Putin at that initiative bearing meeting.

    You armchair pundits should be assessing what direction and to which nation he will have in his sights, following the flattening of Ukraine, to enable some sort of resistance to be implemented for the well-being of the rest of us.

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  14. Hello Mint,

    I've never used the message service here. However, having looked at it and if I wanted to send a message, my first shot would be to create a document, type the message into the document, save it to desktop, documents or wherever. Then I  would open the message area on here and, as required, drag the message document from wherever I had saved it to into the message box and send it. I stand corrected if that is not a feasible method.

  15. 32 minutes ago, NormanH said:

    These go off every first Monday of the month (here it is 12.15) so there is no need to panic if you hear one today..

    Dear Norman,

    As it is Wednesday today, should I not therefore be panicking?

    Confused of Côte d'Azur

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