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  1. 12 hours ago, Harnser said:

    covered with a suitable primer"

    It is rather ambiguous as to whether the 'suitable primer' refers to all categories or just the metal.

    Either way, diluted with white spirit, this will act as the primer sealer for the OSB and because it is glycerol based there should not be the 'will it/won't it work' scenario. I've used thinned out eggshell before to seal leeching stains on timber. Good luck with whatever you choose.

  2. Their decision to cease accepting Visa credit cards from Jan 19th has been withdrawn.  They fronted Visa regarding their charges to Amazon for use of the credit card back in November, and Visa blinked today. Way to go Amazon. 🖐️

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  3. 4 hours ago, Harnser said:

    It is,  for a Lidl gadget, strong and robust.

    You could say it's a small world, Harnser.

    I've had one of these Lidl 'déboucher de tuyaux' jobeys for years and never had to call on its use, that is, until Thursday last.  I needed it to unblock a bath in a bathroom that gets very little use. Try as I may to pump-up the air pressure, this bit of kit was having none of it, so I unscrewed the pump mechanism and the tube and valve were both bone dry. A squirt of liquid soap smeared around the valve and tube and it became fired up and ready to go. It required 3 blasts of compressed air then the welcome sound of glug, glug swoosh resonated to my ears et voilà, au revoir d'eau.

    Reminder to self - run hot water down infrequently used bathroom drains frequently. 🙂

  4. 12 hours ago, Noisette said:

    Ah but it's not just the religious leaders is it?  Governments do their fair share of social engineering, according to the rise or fall of the national birth-rate

    The subtle difference between the two is one is promoted by a country's government for pure economic purposes and the other is pressurised on people's emotions by a suspect rogue organisation led by a celibate man for irresponsible reasons. (Yeah, yeah I know. That could be used to describe several countries governments around the world)

    1 hour ago, Lehaut said:

    In many "rich" countries it is now a choice between owning a house or having children.

    I thought it was still possible to rent a property? Because we are where we are in history people need to cut their cloth accordingly.

  5. 5 hours ago, EuroTr@sh said:

    Well I thought I'd look in again and see if the forum had turned over a new leaf for the new year and become a pleasant, friendly place for banter.

    Noooooo.....  more of the same old, same old.

    Hmm, so the "same ol' situation" then?  I guess you consider all of us who remain to be no better than a "Mötley Crüe".

    See what I did there? 😁




  6. 2 hours ago, Harnser said:

    Noooo - that's sodium chlorate. Very effective explosive mixture rammed into a 12 inch length of bike frame tube flatten the ends and drill a small hole for jetex fuse - light it and run like hell   - So they tell me!😉

    In those days out in the country nobody took a blind bit of notice of the loud bang!

    Nooo, don't try this at home.  In my misspent youth, we used to mess with this kind of stuff.  Unfortunately, one time, nothing appeared to happen, so my pal Jeff foolishly decided to clunk it with a hammer.  To this day he still walks with a slight limp as a result of the tube disappearing into his leg, just above the knee and exiting via his lower thigh.  He has also coped miraculously well for the last 60 years without a left hand.

    Over the years, I've often wondered how I would have carried on had I been the one who swung the hammer. What kind of profession I would have followed I can't begin to imagine, as you don't come across many one-handed professional guitarists.

    Oh, and I can still hear the bang to this day.

  7. The murderer has received a paltry 25 years—hardly life.  The mother has received 8 years, just slightly over half the maximum of 14 years, for allowing and participating in a murder.

    Meanwhile, a child is dead and the father of the baby's mother took his own life, believed to be unable to come to terms with the horrific offences his daughter allowed the murderer to commit on his grandchild.

    Make your own opinions on the justice system that oversaw this trial.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Gluestick said:

    Well cajal Hades, being a supposed Greek God rather than a place,

    Which is why I decided to use the expression I did.  See above or below.

    7 hours ago, cajal said:

    here's hoping my departure transit terminus is chez hades


    1 hour ago, Gluestick said:

    Additionally, you clearly believe in having a soul and some form of life after death?

    Beats me...

    Which is why I decided to finish the paragraph as I did. See above or below.

    7 hours ago, cajal said:



  9. 1 hour ago, Gluestick said:

    Does this apply to most of the few remaining devout worshipers as well as the shall we say management honchos in the Vatican?

    Unfortunately, it is the remaining few who cling on to the brainwashing myths passed down by the 'management honchos' in the Vatican. It is their choice and I accept that.

    When my candle is finally snuffed out, and I depart this life, here's hoping my departure transit terminus is chez hades as I doubt I will know anyone at the alternative destination. ☺️

  10. 6 minutes ago, Lehaut said:

     in her usual venue - a church.  



    I am making the assumption here that the church was of catholic denomination?  If correct, I understand that catholics have a right to determine what events will be performed in one of their own establishments.

    However, catholics dictating what standards and beliefs are acceptable, in a free society, where history shows that their shenanigans frequently have fallen short of their very own preachings and moral standards, seems rather questionable.



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