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  1. An interesting and informative post.

    Interesting in so much that I was unaware of the existence of Wallace and these dual-purpose artefacts (looks and serving a usefulness). Certainly something to visit if in a nearby location.

    Informative by dispelling a 50+ year anomaly, for me, of the term "Wallace Collection".  You see, I always assumed that the name could be solely attributed to a 1960s band from Belgium who attained a certain amount of success throughout Europe during that 'pop' era.

    Perhaps some of you of a certain age here will recollect this number they performed.




  2. I would suggest that you glean your information from a wider source than some 'Brit Forum'. This is not just a French agricultural issue but a European one, Holland, Germany, Romania, Ukraine,UK and soon to be global.

    It is basically driven by four issues. The madness of climate change 'green issues', unfavourable subsidies, low return to cost ratio and over population of the world. To not support the farming dilemma is sheer insanity, and who would want to be a farmer anyway? It's a no-brainer.

    Reports are saying that Paris's food stock is down to 3 days.

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  3. I use Firefox and following a connection 'timeout' it will report to your screen if a site you are attempting to access is operational. It checks and reports on your computer's capability to access the internet, the location and connection status you have with the server you are being routed through, and the operational status of the site you are attempting to access.

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  4. 3 hours ago, DaveLister said:

    Which SCD star choreographed the music video for Tina Turner's single Private Dancer?

    I'll pass on that one.

    However, remaining on the question topic, and more my cupa't, who featured on guitar on that Tina Turner track?

  5. Appoint a Power of Attorney. It can be you, your sister or a third party.  Once appointed, the POA is authorised to make legal financial decisions, ie not to the detriment of your mother, and an arrangement can be drawn up as to the ownership or disposal of the property.

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  6. "Hack"

    The word hack has numerous meanings and connotations from :-

    1. Cut with rough or heavy blows.

    2. A writer or journalist producing dull, unoriginal work.

    3. A cab

    4. A horse for ordinary riding.

    5. To tolerate or cope with a situation

    6. To cough

    7. To gain illegal access to a computer network, system etc

    8. Restriction to quarters as punishment for naval officers

    9. A guard or warder at a prison

    10. To kick at an opponent's shins in Rugby football.

    Now the internet influencers :classic_unsure: have garnered the word for the purpose of "to proffer advice"

    No! Enough already! It's called a "tip" which, by the way, also has numerous meanings. They'll be all over that soon.

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  7. On 23/11/2023 at 17:51, menthe said:

    Cajal, I hope your petite intervention is over and done with and you are as good as new?

    If only. Thanks for your thoughts and kind words, much appreciated. Following the procedure at the start of September, my well-being improved and grew daily, where at mid to the end of October I was beginning to believe I'd morphed into a combination of Johnny Weissmuller and Kirk Alyn! 

    However, come November I underwent a rapid decline back to my pre-op status, which is where I find myself today. I am at the moment awaiting a call from the surgeon who performed the procedure regarding the way forward following my conversation yesterday afternoon at the 3-month follow-up, at my cardiolog's cabinet.

    Regarding the under performing bakes in the breadmaker, my wife reduced the amount of salt she added, and the result was bread attempting to raise the lid. ☺️

  8. To poach an egg successfully, use a pan of not quite boiling water, ie no volcanic bubbling, so about 80°. Add a teaspoon of vinegar and slowly slide the contents of the shell into the pan. The time until removal from the pan will depend on how you like your poached eggs cooked.

  9. All I know about sat. broadband is that the quality of the signal is dependent on a clear and unobstructed signal to the dish and how many transponders the satellite is carrying. Satellites on a low earth orbit tend to have fewer transponders than those orbiting geostationary, which means they are at a fixed distance from the equator and able to follow the earth's rotational speed.

    Perhaps it will assist your decision if you are able to ascertain which category of orbit, your chosen supplier satellite adopts.

  10. 19 hours ago, NormanH said:

    If I pronounce my version (which is an argued-through version of Lori's) into my French note taker it gives Ajaccio.

    Given the effect that fronting a double 'Marshall stack' for decades had on my hearing, coupled with the questionable quality of translation audio, I don't think my F⇾E ajatio is a million phonetics away from Lori's example. 😊

  11. 22 hours ago, Lori said:

    Google Translate has it as Ahhjaksio.

    Out of interest, did you translate English -> French or French -> English?

    I entered 'Ajaccio' into DeepL, and it returned two totally unrelated pronunciations. E -> F (amyahcho) and F -> E (ajatio).

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