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    I've received P60s from 3 out of 6 annuity providers, and (for what it's worth) notices of coding for 2010/11 from the Revenue for 5 out of 6 .
  2. If it didn't advise you of this exclusion at the time, while knowing that you were English resident, then you must have at least an argument that Banque Populaire mis-sold the policy. The question would then arise whether Banque Populaire should be obliged to pay your claim in the place of AXA, or, at the least, should refund the premiums in full or in part. You need to consult an avocat.
  3. I think that the insurance is akin to this: http://www.banquepopulaire.fr/clients/p797_FR.htm The requirement for the assured to be French resident appears in relation to another policy: http://www.banquepopulaire.fr/clients/p795_FR.htm
  4. You could refer the matter to the bank's mediation service.
  5. The eligibility for identity cards is quite limited, and I believe that applications from the general public are being refused at present. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/Identitycards/DG_174258
  6. Have you tried Carrefour (www.ooshop.com)? Our local Super U did internet shopping, but has now stopped, for lack of sufficient demand to cover the costs.
  7. I think that the attitude may be at variance with the law. The owner of one of the bars in our village heard noises from his bedroom,and looked out to see two "gitanes" trying to get into a lorry parked opposite. He then took his rifle from under the bed and took a pot shot. The two would-be robbers fled, but one was badly hurt, and was left outside the hospital by his accomplice, and later died. The bar owner was arrested by the gendarmes, but his customers converged on the gendarmerie in protest. He was charged and tried for homicide volontaire, and is presently serving a long sentence, but there are still those who think he was within his rights.
  8. Not entirely ecological. There was a row at the time of the Albertville Olympics because the construction of the cross country arena at Les Saisies involved the destruction of a bog habitat.
  9. I go to sites in the Chartreuse, Belledonne and Bauges ranges, which are equidistant, and in the Vercors, which is a little further away.
  10. I've been doing ski de fond for many years. I'm not particularly good, but the advantage over downhill skiing is that you can take your time and still enjoy it.  
  11. AnOther Thank you for reopening this thread. I understand you are about to take out a QROPS. If I may ask, with whom are you doing this? Do you have a link to their terms?
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     Would AnOther be willing to tell us more about the QROPS, possibly as a new thread?
  13. Have just bought tyres in UK via www.blackcircles.com. Service both from the supplier and the fitter was excellent, and cost about 30% less than quoted by ATS in UK, 50% less than local fitter in France.
  14. I do not read versement of a capital en especes as meaning any more than payment in money or money's worth at the term of a contract, by whatsoever means and to whomsoever the policyholder may direct, in which case the proceeds of a UK policy which has matured or been cashed in would fall within the term. Even if I were wrong and the "periodicite" of payments under regular premium policies meant that they fell under B, and annuities purchased with them were taxable as salaires de retraite, not rentes viageres a titre onereux, nevertheless annuities purchased with the proceeds of single premium policies (as were Equitable Life's policies, for example) would presumably still fall within A. There is a very fine line to be drawn here between arguing that annuities should both benefit from the allowances against income tax of rentes viageres a titre onereux and be exempt from ISF under the rather convoluted terms of article 885j of the CGI.
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