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  1. Framboise

    New Girlie

    Yayyyy!!! Well done you!!! We have FOUR now...............its addictive!!
  2. Framboise

    Another Loss

    I have never forgotten Missy my fawn dane, even after 14 years. Wonderful girl she was.
  3. I know for a fact the French bloke across the road from us has by-passed both his water & electricity meters, either that or judging by our last leccy bill he is running his house off our supply!
  4. Brave, loving Alex. I am pleased he can see out his days somewhere surrounded by love. Thankyou for making my day. xxx
  5. As to using honey, yes you can put that in instead of golden syrup if you like honey. Alas my lot don't so GS it is. I can buy GS locally in Leclerc or Intermarche but it just seemed odd that they don't have it here in France, particularly with the predilection for cakes etc.
  6. Just a thought................. When I need this I end up buying good 'ol Tate & Lyles in the foreign food section. Is there not an equivalent in France & if so what is it called? I made Roses de Sables for my friend in the bakery you see. I use a tbsp of golden syrup which makes the chocolate lovely & squidgy but now she has asked what this "stuff" is & I have no idea!! Plus I am sure that a french version would be a lot cheaper than the imported version. Any ideas???
  7. nor do ones you buy in France then take back to UK, like when the bloke at Leclerc does not activate roaming. One angry OH ended up buying a cheapo £10 jobbie from the phone shop which works fine here (and its got a torch on it woo hoo!!
  8. I think most of the hidden 3000 lites went into that packet of ham I bought the other day. I could've done with my Gran's old mangle to get rid of the excess before I could even put it between the bread slices!
  9. August last year we got a whopping great electricity bill for 900€ - not even for the winter period when we had the rads, lighting etc etc. Obviously as is the way here we had to pay it and are still waiting for the decision as to whether the meter was faulty or not, but they helpfully accused my fridge freezer of eating the electricity as it "could'nt possibly be their meter" which had been here since time immemorial. (And they read the meter every single time too!) Is it not strange then that since August we have'nt had a bill over 175€, even right through the cold spells, so it obviously was not my fridge freezer munching through the watts. I await the verdict but don't hold out much hope.....................
  10. I have bought it here in the local Leclerc alongside a lot of other stuff such as sweet chilli dip, oyster sauce etc. It was in their foreign/specialist foods section next to the Heinz beans & golden syrup, all labelled in english as well!
  11. I'm posting this for someone without a brain - she says she'll have 'em, the more the merrier!!
  12. Marvellous news! Izzy is a lovely little dog & I for one am thrilled that she has a wonderful new start in life. Yayyyyyy!!!!
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