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  1. I personally wouldn't join any society that would have me as a member.
  2. Stuart Rose has said that he wants to open wholly-owned stores in Europe in the future, not franchises.
  3. Isn't the usual definition "a flight that someone else is taking"?
  4. Thanks, Dotty and Pip, I'll go get my tall hat. Do wizards have familiars, and will a tabby, or white, or black and white cat do?
  5. I'll probably get taken out and shot for this (I'm only joking, honest) but but does this not have an isotope known here as Moderatorium?
  6. East, west, north, south, warlocks, witches, witchettes, et al., what can a 65 yr old in the centre of France be? (male, by the way, to reduce the options)
  7. I think BB is probably right about toys in childhood - even now if a pretty young lady were to sqeeze my bottom , I'd go weak at the knees!! (OK, I can dream!)
  8. I had a little tinplate Muffin the Mule toy; you pressed the base and he collapsed, but the string inside broke!!
  9. Thanks Missy, and can I give you a cwtch in return? XX
  10. Don't take this as gospel, but I believe that most of the modern limescale removing preparations are made from the waste products of the orange juice industry, are therefore organic in origin, and "should" be totally bio-degradable.
  11. Brrrrrrrrrr! [IMG]http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o72/philmortimer1/P1220130.jpg[/IMG]   I rest  my case!
  12. Bref Power - red spray bottle from Intermarche - works wonders. And as a happily retired contract cleaner, I can speak with some authority on this subject!
  13. Thanks, HTB, you've saved me coming back to make that point! I did ask originally for a rational defence of the opposition to the Poll Tax, but to avoid the risk of this thread being pulled or blocked, I'm going to shut up now!
  14. Miki I am sure your nieces were totally innocent of any wrongdoing, however they were not the only people there that day. I don't think it was the Metropolitan Police, or even members of other forces drafted into help, who, for example set fire to a builder's Portakabin site office, or smashed windows in every possible building. And while you make the sweeping statement that the tax was unjust, you do not say hy you think this. I have never heard a reasoned justification for this hatred of the Poll Tax.
  15. Who needs soaps when we've got this forum?
  16. Gardian Like yourself, I still cannot understand the knee-jerk reaction to the Poll Tax, except from people who wished to stay outside of the system for some reason, It seems a very fair, and egalitarian, way of collecting local revenues, and yet it generated such a huge volume of hatred from the -  presumably -  egalitarian left wing. I was in The Strand on the day of the Poll Tax riot, and witnessed first-hand the mindless damage by the mob!
  17. I'm very pleased with Orange Initial contract - €7 p.mth., calls €0.45 p.min. - but if you're not already with Orange Fr. you need an open or unlocked phone. Also there is no 12 month lock-in.
  18. [quote user="Teamedup"] but I won't use Mr Bed again after our unforutnate incident.   [/quote]   Come on, TU, you can't leave us hanging like that!!!
  19. [quote user="verviale"] .I did not realise until I saw a programme the other day, that people actually used a man made beach beside it years ago.[/quote] I worked at the old Royal Mint on Tower Hill for 5 yrs (1959/64), and there was definitely a beach between Tower Bridge and Traitors Gate, where children played at at low tide.
  20. The French crossbowmen used to do the same - that's what killed Richard the Lionheart here in Chalus (87) in 1199!!
  21. Valleyboy

    IQ test

    133 - beaten by a Bichon Frise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Welcome back Ali! And how are Mark's wobbles??
  23. Thought you all might like to see our cats! [IMG]http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o72/philmortimer1/PC240063.jpg[/IMG] Frisky - between 15 & 20 yrs old! [IMG]http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o72/philmortimer1/PC250095.jpg[/IMG] Topsy - originally from Gidea Park! [IMG]http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o72/philmortimer1/PC160055.jpg[/IMG] Ilargi & Spot - two Basque cats. [IMG]http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o72/philmortimer1/DSC0006.jpg[/IMG] Sammy - sadly no longer with us. All have a lot of history; Frisky, Topsy, and Sammy all moved to France with us, and the other two were our son's in Spain, and came to us Christmas 2005 on a "temporary" basis!
  24. Another hoar frost shot - my garden fence.   [IMG]http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o72/philmortimer1/PC250092.jpg[/IMG]
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