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  1. [quote user="Dick Smith"]I'm also very aware that there used to be a Boghound on this forum who was a pretty unpleasant troll. You aren't him, are you? [/quote] Yes that's right......but....I'd rather be an "unpleasant Troll" then someone that thinks they know all there is to know about a country but still doesn't live there full time[:P]  Perhaps you might also be interested in a new web site I also stumbled across: http://www.the-vendee.com [Www] but...there again perhaps not...As the "webmaster" is very particular with whom he communicates with.[8-)]
  2. No he's not involved. As he has been very heavy handed with the delete button
  3. [quote]I did misinterpret what you meant but was the SP2 for Office or for XP?I use XP with SP2 and I like it now I have got used to it, I have not tried to use my very old Office, I guess it is corrupt, any...[/quote] BG, in all his infinite wisdom, has brought out another "patch" for Office 2003 and just to confuse issues has deemed to call it "SP2".....It's proving a real "sod" to install and when it does, can reap havoc on various systems...So I thought I would post a "warning" about it, so that if anyone was contemplating installing it...Perhaps they should think twice and wait for further "patches". 
  4. [quote]I gave up and downloaded Open Office which seems to do most things and it works and is FREE, it was down loaded for me by the people who rebult my PC after it took objection to a thunderstorm but that...[/quote] I think you misinterpreted what I meant....I'm not saying Microsoft Office 2003 is dodgy....just the latest update SP2.
  5. Steer well clear for now.....Let BG create another "patch" before downloading....Give it another month!
  6. [quote]Oh my old bog troll - I bought the music and I put it on my iPod and I played it in my own home. Or I made a single copy for my car - quite legit. All of which I explained.But out from under your ston...[/quote] Sorry Dick...just come back from snorkling in Main Street, New Orleans...so water got into circuits and not up to par with your "rapier" teacher wit but I should have known that you wouldn't have the nerve to try anything illegal..but to revert to name calling, is even below your mental ability to see the funny side of life.
  7. [quote]I wouldn't bother with the CDs at all. Instead of buying blank CDs buy a lead to connect your iPod to your stereo, and then set up the music as playlists on the iPod. That also solves the problem of o...[/quote] So Dick....It's o.k. for you to rip a cd, explain how to play music for public consumcion and ignore the copyright but not others...or perhaps you have an account with the Performing Arts Society.
  8. [quote]Some good posts here I too feel myself having to justify our move back - even putting the words 'move back' doesn't seem right. France is a good move, the people are so welcoming even to the most sh...[/quote] Good for you Lee....but why you feel as though you are under an obligation to justify the move, beggers belief....Sod what people think...You are still at an age where your whole life is ahead of you...just do it! France is like an "Open-Prison" and it's inmates need time out to survive. Oh...There are lots of places in and around Moss Side to empty a loo.
  9. [quote]Competition must be hotting up, Wanadoo dropped the unlimited offer for new customers in 2004, I knew people who had it but the most you could get new was the 120hour option ( 100 +20) , which they ...[/quote] Hey.....What really put a "wasp up my arse"....I got an offer in the mail from Free.fr for ADSL which was very good indeed but...yeh your right....I've as much chance of receiving ADSL as HRH Blair has of reducing the French farmer's allowance.
  10. "You have no option, if you wish to remain within the law, but to obtain a Pet's Passport for each animal before entering France, or any other EU country for that matter." This statement only applies if you want to reenter the UK. If relocating from the UK with no intention of taking the animals back....You only need an export licence/rabies jab but can get away with neither as there is not any check leaving the UK...Unless of course you make a big "song & danse" at the point of departure!
  11. Wanadoo have 90hr for €20 or "Unlimited" for €25, but with restrictions, if you can't receive ADSL.
  12. [quote]Nobody has my wanadoo.fr address in their inbox as I have never told anybody it exists and never send from it - wanadoo and me are the only people who know it.Ian[/quote] It still has nothing directly to do with Wanadoo....Spammers use a "catch-all" name before the domain address i.e. [email protected], [email protected] and so on.
  13. [quote]If you use Wanadoo.fr then they may be the reason. I have a Wanadoo e-mail account but never give the e-mail address to anybody (no personal pages, etc.) – rather I direct e-mail through my own domai...[/quote] The reason has nothing to do with Wanadoo....It's more then likely someone has your address in their address book/computer and has a virus etc and is just "piggybacking" wanadoo.fr. I get around 60/70 + spam a day and just use "Inboxer" to sort through the wheat from the chaff.....Unfortunately it's just one of societies everyday "hiccups" when online in this day and age. 
  14. [quote]Really odd Baz, as the E mail I got offering cheap software had a very similar name to a user on E bay that I bought cheap software from I found it odd that these E mails escaped the norton spam fil...[/quote] With the revenue Ebay gathers per day....I don't really think that they would be bothered with the "revenue" earned from selling email address's....it's very easy to "drawl" for free, email address's from Ebay. If you send me £50 GBP I will forward you the details.
  15. [quote]Boggy's dead right on this one - they want your bank details, not a few dollars for some iffy pirated software. I had one today from Nigeria - a sort of combined phishing and 419 scam in one. Apparent...[/quote] You'll notice a big improvement with the content from Nigeria from now on Dick..... Because of the "hand-outs" from the G8, HRH Blair/Geldof and all....They will be able to have lessons on how to improve the standard of scams....and more then likely...other African countries will soon "catch-on".
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