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  1. it's there to give an indication of usage AS do most meters! The kit in the garage is the meter, that's why its protected by EdF seals. The blob on the box by the gate is simply a means of remotely accessing the kit inside. Our box by the gate contains no metering equipment just the reading point and a big fuse connector.
  2. Only edf can work on their meters. Ring the number shown on your bill.... with your customer reference number to hand.
  3. It's 12% if you are selling goods, but 21.3% if you are providing a service. A slightly lower percentage 18.3% applies if you are amongst the professions liberales. It reflects the higher percentage of labour cost implicit in providing a service rather than selling goods.   http://www.auto-entrepreneur.fr/charges-sociales-creation-entreprise-individuelle.php
  4. I'm thinking of taking exactly the same offer. They have a  reputation for good service even though they are 100% owned by FT/Orange!
  5. please don't assume that we are all out to make a quick profit for very little return. Does that imply that you are looking for a large profit, albeit at a leisurely pace? [:D]
  6. You will need another head on your existing dish, or an additional dish, together with an additional (sky)box if you want to have access to two programmes at once.
  7. So they have billed you the fixed charge for two visits TTC (Tax inclusive). Are you intending to do this for every visit?  
  8. As far as the UK market is concerned, I think that if you take the highest price you could have hoped for a couple of  years ago, then knock off 25%. If the agent is recommending  a price lower than that, then perhaps they are being silly, anything higher than that is probably in the realism zone. Clearly local factors do have a big influence , but if you have only reduced by £20,000 from the peak of the market , unless you only have a relatively cheap house, say less than £140,000,  you are probably being unrealistic with your asking price.  
  9. Previously I had a speedtouch which worked fine but had this offer for a new neufbox.  So I know that my siemens gigaset A240 works okay with a modem. So previously you didn't have the free phone calls from Neuf offer, and made your calls the old fashioned way. I assume that you now have the offer (Nu) without an FT line , so you need to plug your phone into the back of the Neufbox. The wall sockets will no longer work.
  10. Am I better off just keeping a low profile You said it! As you won't be earning in France and won't escape the clutches of HMRC it's very unlikely that you would have any liability in France , so I can't imagine that the French authorities would be interested in your comings and goings. On the other hand if you are a multimillionaire and liable to wealth tax...... You would also have to bear in mind the complications with health cover if you were to "leave" the UK.    
  11. What are the Tax implications/ costs of selling in France, the property has been owned for four years. Does the tax burden change if sold after five years of ownership? The proportion of the gain that is taxed in France reduces by 10% for every year of ownership after the first five. So after five full years ownership you would pay tax at 16% on 90% of the gain. I suspect that if you are selling a converted property after a relatively short period the gain won't be too significant. You can offset selling expenses against the gain. You will also be liable for tax in the UK at 18% of the gain , less the usual annual allowances , and any tax paid in France. So this means that the 10% saved in France because of five years ownership is lost in the UK. In your case I imagine that there will also be a significant gain because of the change in the rate of exchange which will be taxable exclusively in the UK! Depending on the value of the property you may be required to pay a further 1% to an independent body to check the CGT liability has been properly accounted for. Also, can anyone give any idea of the costs of notaire's fees for sale, other legal costs of sale, typical estate agents fee plus anything else we should consider. There are no Notaire's fees to pay though you will probably have asbestos, lead, energy surveys to pay for, say £500. As you know it is the purchaser who pays the estate agent fees . However it's safer to look at it on the basis that you will lose between 5 and 8% of the advertised selling price. One last thing does anyone know the typical cost charged by electricity and water companies for installing independent metered supplies to a property? The property was sold to us with meters but we soon learnt that this portion of a sub-divided house did not have independent supplies but was piggy-backed off the original house's services. That cost will depend on how much work is required which will be dependant on the layout of the property. It might be wise to assume £1000 for each service. The cost could be offset against your capital gain!
  12. The easisest thing to do would be to write withdrawing your request for the permis.  It will in any event expire 2 years after the date you were notified that it had been granted, unless some work has started. So unless you are planning on making a token start you might as well withdraw your application. If you are worried that a subsequent  request might be refused you could make a start and as long as something is done each year there is no limit on how long you have to complete the work.  
  13. not in the case cited where the road was dual carriageway In a densely populated area in the outskirts of Lyons. http://http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Genas&rls=com.microsoft:en-gb:IE-ContextMenu&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7GGIT_en-GB&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl It's always safest to assume that PaD will apply in built up areas. Does anyone remember the old days when one had to go through the heart of Le Havre to reach the original ferry terminal? When Le Havre was rebuilt after the war it was laid out on a grid basis together with one way streets. That meant that every other junction was PaD. Very exciting if you were late for the ferry......    
  14. Though to UK drivers PaD seems a strange concept it does have benefits. I have come across numerous town junctions where the traffic flows perfectly well aided by PaD . Similar cases in the UK would require traffic lights. In towns it also encourages greater awareness of what's going on around the driver, who needs to keep alert to traffic coming from his right. A good example of how PaD can help traffic flow is the Paris Peripherique where the UK habit of blocking people joining the motorway is not only discourteous, but also illegal, as it is the joiners who have right of way. It's very much in keeping with the new theories being developed in Holland and elsewhere  which have seen the removal of all road markings and signs within some towns meaning that the driver has to pick his way through traffic AND pedestrians. The arguments about people pulling out onto motorway like roads is pretty academic. In most such cases the right of entry is controlled by Stop and Give Way signs.    
  15. I'm no so sure that this particular 125% mortgage is really all that bad. It's a device to allow people who are already in negative equity but who must move house the ability to do so. It simply rolls over the existing negative equity to a new house thereby allowing a move to take place. If this facility wasn't available the potential mover would have to pay down their existing loan before they could move. To qualify you have to be an existing Nationwide borrower. You have to be able to find a 5% deposit for the new property. You have to pay a high rate of interest on both the new loan and especially on the (up to) 30% negative equity rolled over. http://www.moneyweek.com/investments/property/what-nationwides-125-percent-home-loan-means-for-the-property-market-14951.aspx  
  16. Not sure that being a fine artist necessarily makes for being a good minister. Incidentally Gilberto Gill resigned from the Brazilian government last year. As for France and the UK you say there is no comparison between the two incumbents. Well they are both ex broadcasters and prominent members of the gay community......  
  17. BJSLIV


    In that case you will eventually be OK. You will just have to continue the French paper-chase and you will be admitted to the sytem. They will tell you how much you have to pay based on your tax returns. as has been said before the bill  will be roughly 8% of your income above 8000 Euros.
  18. BJSLIV


    If you have been living as properly documented residents ins |France since 2006 then you will be entitled to join the French health system. This will entail you paying roughly 8% of your income as a contribution to the system. You would also have to pay for your existing top-up insurance if you have any. I note that you do not mention paying any income tax in France. If you haven't been registered for French tax it's possible that you may have missed the boat for joining the French health service. In this case you will have to take out private insurance. Provided you haven't got major existing health problems, they won't be covered by the insurance, this might be cheaper for you. The costs can vary but should not exceed £3000 or £4000  per year for the two of you.    
  19. I realised that after your last post, but this thread is getting as difficult to follow as the plot of  The Bold and The Beautiful......
  20. This sort of thing could be of interest. This particular outfit operate in Alsace. I assume that other developers would be operating in the south. http://www.le-village-des-seniors.com/residences-seniors.php But I think that it could get costly once you add up all the charges for the little extras.  
  21. True! I was assuming that he was using the friend's PC rather than lugging the box cross-country...... Incidentally there are many references to this around the web relating to many different sites. A few relatively painless cures  that seem to have worked  for some people are..... 1 Rebooting the modem/router 2 Clearing cookies and caches. 3 Switching off /checking firewall permissions. 4 Changing from Avast antivirus scanner.  
  22. Does your system and browser pass the audit at the bottom of this page of the Nationwide site. ?? http://www.nationwide.co.uk/troubleshooting/browserSupport/default.htm   There might be something missing in your Java installation.
  23. Which of Orange's many tariffs is implicated in this matter? The specific tariff that I quoted earlier does make it clear that the unlimited Internet access excludes various usages that many people would regard as mainstream. I assume that they only expect on phone usage such as finding the directions to the nearest Quick, rather than really intensive use. They do specifically exclude use in modem mode, which rules out use alongside a laptop.        
  24. Not sure which tarrif he signed up to but it could be Origami star Which include internet use  as per....... - Internet et TV en illlimité 24h/24 et 7j/7 Navigation illimitée sur le portail Orange World, Gallery et internet. Consultation illimitée sur le portail Orange World de plus de 20 chaines de TV et de toutes les vidéos proposées. Liste des chaines TV susceptible d'évolution Sont facturés en dehors du forfait, les usages mail (smtp,pop, imap), les matchs en direct, les usages modem, les contenus et services payants. Les services de Voix sur IP, peer to peer et Newsgroups sont interdits. Afin de maintenir une qualité de service optimale sur son réseau pour l’ensemble de ses clients, Orange pourra limiter le débit au delà d’un usage de 500Mo/mois jusqu’à la date de facturation. Looks to be a pretty limited idea of illimite  
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