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  1. I was reading a serious UK article the other day which argued that there was an urgent need for the UK Government to start an education process for the population. Expectations needed to be lowered. Leaving is going to be costly, The EU has absolutely no interest in improving the outcome for the UK, or smoothing the process, indeed their priority is exactly the opposite.
  2. You are right. http://droit-finances.commentcamarche.net/contents/967-taxe-fonciere-2017-exoneration-et-reduction
  3. I had changed supplier by the time they had the last catch up. Edf simply sent me their bill with a demand for payment by cheque, whereas they had previously collected by DD Incidentally the due day was the day before the bill arrived,
  4. Chancer , I agree that the article fails to make clear that the 25% addition only applies once you either volunteer for benefices real or cease to qualify for micro-bic as a result of revenue exceeding the 82,800 ceiling.
  5. No I think it says that in order to " benefit" from this arrangement you have to give up on micro-bic. It suggests that most people would want to do so anyway so as to benefit from actual deduction of expenses.
  6. This is gives some explanation of the 25% increase and the 915 Euros reduction. http://www.amarrim.fr/expert-comptable-immobilier/ladhesion-a-un-centre-de-gestion-agree/ I think the answer to Chance'rs question is Yes they do assume the accounts will be wrong unless prepared by an upstanding professional. Perhaps PWC might be available........... PS The real reason for the increase , is that up until 2006 there was a discount if your accounts were prepared by a professional. When the law was reformed, they abolished the discount, but reintroduced the incentive t use an accountant the saving by increasing the tax if you didn't use a professional. The 915 Euros deduction is an allowance towards the cost of the accountant. The allowance is a 2/3rds of the cost of the accountant, with a maximum deduction of 915 Euros. Very French!
  7. Not entirely sure that Another's use of feedback will achieve all it's objectives........................ If a Global Shipping Programme item is delivered to your Buyer and your Buyer leaves you negative or neutral feedback associated with the Global Shipping Programme item but does not file an eBay Money Back Guarantee claim, you may contact Customer Support to request that any negative or neutral feedback associated with that Global Shipping Programme item be removed.
  8. You might find something on one of the sharing/renting between individuals sites. But this national chain gives an indication of how much you are going to pay from a hire shop. Unless it really is a question of securing the machine during your absences, I think buying a cheap one at the end of the season sales is going to be more economical. The best part of 300 or 400 Euros twice a year would pay for quite of bit of professional gardening. http://www.loxam.fr/location/espaces-verts/location-materiel-de-coupe-et-transport-espaces-verts/location-tondeuse-autoportee-20-25-cv-pg2468-81580-3.html
  9. Incidentally , I have no intention whatsoever of switching off the facility. I find both the Orange and BT equivalent immensely useful when travelling. I still can't see any possible objection to the service provided by way of mutual cooperation. Perhaps some people object to doing something for someone unless they can make a few bucks out of it.
  10. Yeah, right Well that's me convinced, I'll switch it off immediately!
  11. All very well........but if YOU are an Orange client with a LiveBox You have now become one of the 7million Orange wifi hotspots And is that a bad thing?
  12. If it was a new build your first port of call will be your own assurance dommage ouverage. If it was only a refurb then you need to contact your installers insurer. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/R33764 http://www.conso.net/content/de-graves-dommages-affectent-votre-maison-de-moins-de-dix-ans-mais-la-societe-responsable The debate may well be around whether or not the failure renders your property uninhabitable
  13. You should have included swimming pool and electric gates salesmen in your list.
  14. This should help http://www.swao.fr/conseils/chaque-chantier-son-type-pose The last one is the air vent and it's capacity and noise/sound insulation.
  15. No risk of getting dodgy secondhand brake parts...... Les catégories de pièces de rechange automobiles issues de l'économie circulaire concernées par ces nouvelles règles sont les suivantes (article R 121-29 du code de la consommation) :  Les pièces de carrosserie amovibles ;  Les pièces de garnissage intérieur et de la sellerie ;  Les vitrages non collés ;  Les pièces optiques ;  Les pièces mécaniques ou électroniques, à l'exception de celles faisant partie :  Des trains roulants ;  Des éléments de la direction ;  Des organes de freinage ;  Des éléments de liaison au sol qui sont assemblés, soumis à usure mécanique et non démontables.
  16. Are there any kinks , or troughs in the extraction pipes. That will encourage the formation of puddles. The pipes are supposed to as straight an incline as possible. The theory is that the water should runs back in tiny quantities before it accumulates enough to be a noticeable problem. Two thoughts. 1 In which of the pipes is the water collecting? 2 The room with the worst mould, is it kept warm all the time?
  17. This looks to be an economical way of controlling access, and maintaining the 12 month usage log of all users. http://www.iciwifi.com/devenir_hotspot/
  18. BJSLIV

    ebay debutante

    The " i " is definitely there , but it's a pretty badly designed page. I didn't really notice it, neither did I notice the accompanying drab blue MORE INFORMATION alongside it, which in no way looks like a clickable link. What did stand out is the charge 13p per minute plus access fee to call them. I think I would use their free chat facility instead >It's at the right hand side of this page. https://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/customer-service
  19. Just keep an eye on the catalogues. Until today, Woolite was 4.95 for 2 at Super U.
  20. Unlikely , but as Caisse d'Epargne.are regional you will need to tell us which one you are with.
  21. If all else fails De Dietrich have their own service network http://www.servelite.fr/
  22. I totally agree as I said earlier.... IE If there is no decheterie AND there is no collection service you may be able to burn your waste. At the very start I said that a Decheterie would count as a collection service. Around here if you burn garden waste, you will receive a visit from the Gendarmes. The rules don't apply to to farmers or the lotissement in the village centre I suspect that might be because it belongs to the Gendarmerie.......
  23. To quote Les déchets verts doivent être déposés en déchetterie ou dans le cadre de la collecte sélective organisée par la commune. Vous pouvez également en faire un compost individuel . Néanmoins, dans une zone rurale ou péri-urbaine dépourvue de déchetterie dans laquelle aucun système de collecte n'est prévu, il est possible de faire brûler ses déchets verts dans son jardin sous certaines conditions. Translated Green waste must be deposited at a recycling centre or as part of the collection organised by the municipality . You can also make compost. However, in rural or suburban areas without a recycling centre where no collection system is provided, it is possible to burn green waste in the garden under certain conditions IE If there is no decheterie AND there is no collection service you may be able to burn your waste.
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