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  1. www.pagesjaunes.fr Type in who you are looking for and the number of your Departement. Et Voila  
  2. Did you buy the flat under one of the variously named schemes whereby you obtain a refund of VAT provided the flat is rented out for a number of years?
  3. My thinking was..... Free only have a single offer, their product being based on the same technology as BT Broadband So if you were able to sign up with them. It automatically adjusts to the fastest service the line can provide. Its also cheaper than Orange.  
  4. What happens with your existing number if you were to try to sign up with Free for example? What service would they offer?  
  5. 30 minutes at the local tax office sorted it all out Unusual for a fonctionaire to do something quickly against written instructions. Was the Notaire simply wrong in suggesting that a Rep was needed?
  6. Well, after 25 mins of waiting But that's all part of the easy going lifestyle that's supposed to be so attractive in France.
  7. Canalsat do offer the occasional free month of Canal+ from time to time; I usually notice it around the 28th of the month, just as there is something interesting coming up at the start of the following month......... I would guess that we have had about three free months in the last couple of years. Unfortunately it just serves to remind me of how expensive it is if you  subscribe to both Canal Sat and C+    
  8. Its the Taxe Fonciere that is usually waived for 2 years, not the Habitation which comes into effect immediately. I believe that councils do levy the Fonciere automatically from the start with no waiver period. Also have you been charged the full amount or is it just for the land? In most cases the two taxes are broadly similar in the amount charged. You will have to make a declaration to the Hotel des Impots to confirm that you have no TV.
  9. As Suey lives in the far North she may find the Nordnet offer of interest. It gives access to the FT Network, its 100% owned by FT, but at a  lower price.  It does have the  (dis)advantage of requiring a real phone line........
  10. Citroen recommend that the brake fluid on a c5 should be changed every two years.
  11. If the house is more than 5 years old I would allow between 10,000 and 11,000 Euros for the legal expenses. the precise amount will depend on how large the mortgage is, assuming it's a French mortgage. If you borrow in the UK secured against a UK property the French fees would be around 9,000 euros.  
  12. Would a French court be prepared to  enforce  a contract that in itself probably breeches numerous  regulations? Registrations, 35 hour week  etc etc spring to mind.  
  13. I think that the categories are locally decided and group together buildings of a similar nature.  
  14. Its pointless  talking to the Tresorie they are only the collections agency. Its like talking to UK Post Office counter staff about how much you owe the Inland Revenue. You need to discuss your problems with whichever Hotel des Impots deals with your paperwork.  
  15. I think you can forget any claims. 1 Was the requirement for a "100% drain down"  made  an explicit requirement when the house was ordered? If the answer is yes 2 Was the failure to meet the specification pointed out at the time that the house was accepted? The 10 year guarantee covers breakdowns, failures of workmanship etc  rather than non-deliverance of  the specified  design. If it was so important for you to have  this feature, then you should have asked for a demonstration when the house was being handed over.        
  16. Of course the shop staff might have confused  Freesat (uk) with Freesat (TNT)
  17. I have had similar problems with a BT Internet Radio. It will connect straight away to one wireless router that we use but refuses to connect to my Neufbox (Trio3c).  
  18. Why not go into your normal account password change screen and change it to whatever format they are suggesting. That way you have lost nothing if the request is legit, but you haven't risked passing your details to a third party. Being honest I think scammers would probably be after higher value details than your Alice password.
  19. There will also be the normal 18%, less allowances, C G Tax liability back in the UK, assuming that is where you are fiscally resident.
  20. Looks like regular travellers on LD Lines are going to get used to new routines. The Norman Spirit is leaving Portsmouth in the next few weeks to take over from the high speed craft on the Dover-Boulogne route. That means that they will be able to carry more freight on that route and have fewer problems with cancellations due to high winds. However that leaves the recently arrived (Transmanche) Cote D'Albatre to cover Le Havre. It will be the old leaving Portsmouth at night, returning from Le Havre at teatime timetable. But no more sleeper seats, hardly any more cabins than the Spirit, and little place to kip on the floor. Who knows what will happen if C d'A has to return to Newhaven to cover that route! Next Spring the High Speed Norman Arrow will be added to the Le Havre route for six months of additional capacity. Presumably it will then revert to a one boat service during the winter, until the new large boat Norman Leader arrives in 2011. I'm sure we will get used to it!
  21. You would declare the gain in the UK on the return for whichever tax year the gain arose. So if you made the gain in August 2009 it would be shown on the forms completed late 2010. You would use the rates of exchange at the time the purchase was made and the relevant rate of exchange at the date of the sale. If you had proof that you had hedged the deal by advance purchase/sale  of the currency you would have evidence to support using those rates instead.
  22. And they will also take 18% of any gains made because the exchange rate has dropped.
  23. one of the Transmanche ships is about to begin operating the LD Lines Portsmouth-Le Havre route It started last Sunday night with the Le Havre to Portsmouth crossing. Should be trying it out in Friday.  
  24. As long as the sale is beleow 150,000 Euros then the Notaire won't need to appoint a fiscal representative. I'm not sure what happnes if the Fisc were to  disagree with his calculation.  
  25. Dial Up Set Up http://assistance.orange.fr/167.php?dub=2&   Mail Set Up http://assistance.orange.fr/IBD/home_msg_configurer.php?dub=2&
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