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  1. TNTSAT gives a good selection of French radio, as does Canalsat.
  2. Apparently day one is the day you arrive. I guess that's why they give you 8 days for the first week at 35 Euros, then 25 euros per week after that.
  3. http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,806469,00.html
  4. As the insurance company are involved, have they also asked for the roots to be pruned?
  5. I can see no reason why you'd need to replace it Unless you want one of their call inclusive packages, or a package without a "normal" line.
  6. Strangely enough it isn't. It's part of the Motivia group which also owns Midas. Probably the most significant thing about Motivia is that it is part owned by the little known Mulliez family, who apart from their holdings in Motivia are also behind Banque Accord, Décathlon, Leroy Merlin, Kiabi, Boulanger, Saint Maclou, 3 Suisses, Flunch, Alinéa, GrosBill, Pimkie……
  7. As you have last year's bill, ring the Tresorie shown on the bill and ask them if you are registered for Direct Debit payment. If not , ask their advice as to how much you have to send. You have just enough time to send a cheque.
  8. As Idun has already said the bills are always for the calendar year based on the situation as at 1st January. So if your landlord is taking responsibility for your old property, the bills for your new property are the responsibility of whoever sold you the property. Its is however normal for the fonciere to be apportioned between the old and new owners. If you agreed to this it will have been specified in the Acte. You may find that the Notaire added on an amount to cover the bill based on last year's charge. In this case you will have nothing to pay for this year other than the waste collection bill, if that is collected separately in your area.
  9. All you are doing when you select an item on their website, is adding it to a list, which you can take with you when you visit the store.
  10. Is this big increase simply due to the expiration of the initial two year abatement for the taxe fonciere? The first year may well have benefited the developer if the property had been empty for a while after completion.
  11. I didnt know her very well at the time or that she spoke English. As an Australian I guess she probabaly speaks a subset of English...........................
  12. Main plus a better headline rate of interest. Downsides. The 7.25% is gross so UK or French tax must be deducted. The bond can't be put into an ISA The bond is for a fixed 4 year term with no escape route. It is a bond with an individual company who might encounter problems during the 4 year period. There is no protection if the company were to get into difficulties.
  13. By law an unfurnished lease must be for three years. There is one exception. If  it's been your main residence, and you need to let it for a specific reason, perhaps because you are working elsewhere, then you can specify a set period. This period must be at least 12 months. Two months prior to the specified date, you must confirm that the reason will be happening and you need vacant possession. You can make one extension to this arrangement, if for example your return is delayed. If you need to extend a second time, then it becomes a normal three year lease. For example see..... http://www.adil13.org/modules.php?name=Sections&sop=viewarticle&artid=1767      
  14. You need to take out the wire shelves and anything in "ordinary" enamel. The Pyroltic coating is quite distinctive. Select Pyrolytic function by turning knob, pushing button or whatever. The door will lock itself and away it goes for a couple of hours. The wire shelves will have to be cleaned with Ajax, Astonish or something similar! http://www.electrolux.fr/Support/Manuals/  Is a searchable database or the manuals and even shows where to find the model number. At http://forum.hardware.fr/hfr/Discussions/Cuisine/comment-arthur-martin-sujet_35621_1.htm Someone was looking for similar instructions and found model FE6422 to be appropriate. http://www.electrolux-ui.com/2002/337/231901fr.pdf
  15. This seems to be a good , clear explanation of the different types. http://www.builtincookers.co.uk/files/catalytic-pyrolytic-ovens.html We have been very satisfied with the cleaning cycle of our,  De Dietrich, pyrolytic oven
  16. the Livebox Star package is 20 meg for internet. This seems very small   No need to worry, they are talking about the potential speed of the connection rather than the amount of data you can download!
  17. This is the kind of thing you will need. http://cgi.ebay.fr/Coffret-compteur-de-chantier-230V-avec-prise-16A-NEUF-/160617861855?pt=FR_YO_MaisonJardin_Bricolage_InstallationElectrique&hash=item25659212df The permanent box comes later!  
  18. Both transactions will be translated at the rate ruling at the time they took place. So you may have tax to pay in  the UK, if the gain exceeds your allowances.
  19. I'm sure they would not be the first to make such an erroneous assumption, nor indeed the last Especially when FT/Orange describe their packages as "sans ligne telephonique"!
  20. It's now too late to cancel for the 1st of August , you must give two months notice, unless you follow the steps laid out in the Loi Chatel to the letter. http://www.assurland.com/loi-chatel.html  
  21. Probably prompt them to introduce some other charge. It's about time for them to charge for hand luggage.......   It will be more interesting to see if the EU proposal outlawing all  add-ons ever gets through.
  22. if anyone is out of step it's probably the UK And that's why it was the UK ex-residents who caused such a problem when the French changed the rules. I believe that most of the other countries operate an insurance based system, which meant that people moving to France were able to continue their contributions to their existing policy, until they were able to join the French system. This also goes to explain the French insistence on existing insurance cover, it's nothing out of the ordinary if you are already covered.. If you have a compulsory insurance system, then charges can be based , as do the mutuelles in France,  on a premium which doesn't take into account existing conditions,just the age of the client, because the risk pool can be assumed to mirror the total population.  
  23.  do hope not but it does seem like a win-win situation for the far left I should think the far right might get some mileage out of it. They are non too keen on foreigners of any colour or esoteric religous  persuasion.
  24. Looks lke the DT have lifted it from AFP... http://www.lesechos.fr/economie-politique/france/actu/afp_00353539-pas-de-surtaxe-pour-les-residences-secondaires-des-francais-de-l-etranger-182606.php or http://www.lexpress.fr/actualites/1/societe/francais-de-l-etranger-abandon-de-la-surtaxe-sur-les-residences-secondaires_1003755.html If this is true I hope that they won't press ahead with a truly discriminatory tax on non-French owners.................... Edit According to Reuters the Government are looking to increase capital gains tax on second homes instead. At least that way you would only pay tax when you finally give up on the French dream.......    
  25. I guess it will be a combination of 1  Enforcement of the minimum income rules , so as to disbar any claims for the CMU complementaire and 2 Application of the Style of Life assessments. Someone in a "Totally" other place has mentioned that these have started in their area. That would put an end to the "Sorry I have little or no Income, don't be mislead by my new Range Rover" approach. http://www.securite-sociale.fr/comprendre/dossiers/fraude/train_de_vie.htm I note that a Mercedes A Class qualifies as a luxury car.
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