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  1. Maybe buy clothes etc. on aliexpress.com - much cheaper than N**t. Free or very cheap delivery mostly, although you do have to wait up to 3 weeks - but the anticipation makes up for it. You have to ask where n**t buy their stuff from.......

    Worth a go perhaps. They accept French cards without problems.

    Hope that helps.....................
  2. This link may help.


    Sorry, using Google, so you'll have to copy/paste the link.

    It seems if the value of the goods is less than 150€ it may be exempt from VAT and other fees. We received some goods from UK with a net value of 110€ sent by Royal Mail and delivered by La Poste, and so far............We have not been asked for any payments from La Poste - watch this space.
  3. "Also, many small businesses sell via Amazon"........ and Amazon charge them a greed tax of up to 15%, the same as Ebay and the like!! Not a level playing field anymore for smaller websites/businesses - I have had a sales website in France since 2009 and could not afford to have 15% ripped from our turnover!!

    Just an opinion however, based on fact.
  4. A French friend of ours, who was a submariner, used the following technique to sleep cooler in a submarine with an internal temperature of 40° whilst moored in Africa. (This was a while ago, so no air-con on the boat)

    We tried it last year - and it does work.

    Dousing a towel in cold water, wringing it out and then draping it over yourself will bring your body temperature down.

    With a standard fan blowing towards you, the effect is even better.

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