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    [quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]Have you uploaded them to photobucket.com or similar? Then what you need to do is get the url of the photo you have uploaded and enter it as follows: [.img]http....[./img] but remove the dots after the square brackets (I had to put the dots in to make it display properly). Use a browser like firefox or internet explorer as it doesn't work when using a browser like opera.[/quote] If you needed to put the dots in to display properly why are you saying remove the dots? [img]http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae215/fridgedoc/IMGP0519.jpg[/img] [.IMG]http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae215/fridgedoc/IMGP0519.jpg[./IMG] I have now entered both with and without dots, we will see what happens Thanks for your input
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    not loading photo's just spent over an hour trying
  3. Hi Guys, Looking to buy a new router, I have an old Hitachi TR 8 which has and still is serving me well, I also bought a while back a Kinzo for silly money but I can't see it lasting too long if I use it to carry out lots of work, so the router I fancy is a choice of the "Bosch 1617evspk" or the "Hitachi KM12VC" now the first problem is both these routers are ONLY available in the US, they are both 120v 60Hz being in the states is no problem, my Brother in law lives there, my problem is would a 110v TX be OK? it will only be 50Hz, I believe I would be right in sayng that the routers speed would be slightly slower, would there be any other problems? Your thoughts would be Greatfully received.
  4. Dear All I posted my little write-up on setting up a system for that reason "how to set up a system" I think people are intellegent enough to take the information they need from my post and use it. Now I remember why I stopped posting on here, trying to help people with correct information.
  5. Hi Martin.....Hi Tim Housesitters this might help:- Go to most Brico's and what you want (in English) is a digital satellite system and (in French) System satellite Numeric, NOT Analogue. That is the simple bit.... DO NOT go for the system that gets Astra and Hotbird it is designed for Astra 1 and Hotbird, NOT Astra 2 which is what you are after. Prior to buying anything decide where you are going to site "The Dish" you need a clear sight of the sky in roughly a southerly direction the actual direction is 28.2 degrees EAST of south (so a compass would be helpful) once you have decided the site of your dish, and you do not have to fit it on the roof, you can fit it as low as you like as long as there is no obstacles between the dish and the satellite (Branches of trees, buildings etc) you need to measure the distance from the dish to where the satellite stb (set top box) is going to be positioned add a couple of metres to be sure and get satellite coax cable, NOT TV coax, very important to get the right cable. Now to setting the system up, first fit the dish bracket making sure it is perfectly up right (use a level if you can) remember the dish will be easier to adjust the dish the lower it is now bolt the dish to the bracket as the instructions now carefully fit the "F" connectors to the ends of the cable, a good idea is to cable tie the coax to the back of the dish or the dish bracket, stops it pulling out of the lnb (Tete) run the cable neatly NO sharp bends to the stb (DO NOT TURN the stb on until ALL connections are made. Now you have everything set up go you need to set the elevation of the dish (the tilt) around the 30/31 mark on the scale on the bracket at the back of the dish and the azimuth (left to right) 28.2 degrees east of south. NOW turn the stb on and set up the TV and now you need to set up the stb as per instructions that came with the stb and you should have a picture if not a slight adjustment of the dish should sort it. The above settings are for Poitiers Any problems let me know
  6. Hi Bugsy If and its a big "IF" I can get the bike sorted, as far as can be assitained the rings are shot in the front cylinder I am going to change the rings on both cylinders. I have already taken the carb off it was really mucky, stripped it and cleaned now back together, looks like new !! Away Monday am. off to Brittany for two weeks so will not get started on bike till 19th Aug so fingers crossed. I would like to make the trip with you. All the best Fridgedoc
  7. Sunday Driver your a Diamond That's all I needed to know, my better half has perfect spoken and written french (well she is half french) so she will be able to assist and I can speak more than I admit to, my problem is I've got the bike bug now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and effort.
  8. Hi Sunday Driver Thought you would come up with the answer, many thanks, my better half will have to go through it with me as my french is hopeless, I know should try harder........ What I was hopeing for was a run through on what you have to do by someone who has taken the test, as a born again biker (63) last time I rode a bike, a quick run around the block I was 30 and before that 19, was it really that long ago and never did take my test saying that never did have a licence, those where the days............. many thanks
  9. Hello..... could someone give me an idea of what is involved in taking the test, here in France, please many thanks
  10. Hi BIG MAC What a kind offer, thank you. If more people where like you the world would be a better place.
  11. Hi AnOther Sorry been away....long story. Well I think I was really lucky......french reg bike ....guy took it back to UK with him, so it's on it's way back to France.... will the guy bringing it back in his van need the reg documents????? Stephen
  12. Mine was a real cheapy from Tesco £9.99, I normally just use it to make dough then put in oven, but now and then I leave it to cook in the machine, turn tin upside down shake and out it comes with paddle still in loaf, a little puller (supplied) pulls paddle out .....simple's
  13. Hi Paul Leave me your number, will give you a call when we next have a curry evening (It's the real thing British Indian Restaurant Curry) Hot as you like !!! or mild if you can't take it, Regards Stephen Dept 86
  14. Hi bubbles Thanks for your suggestion, I have been offered by a very kind person to bring it back for me for basically for fuel money. Thanks again
  15. Hi All Can anyone assist, have purchased a bike (125cc) in UK it's french reg, and I need it bringing back from Petsworth, near Bognor to just south of Poitiers, I would like to do this without spending a fortune. Cheers The fridgedoc
  16. Hi Norman you must be a rich man to afford their prices, to expensive for me, I can make a kilo of pakura's for less than €2 !! when they deliver does it come in a gold roller
  17. Hi Sorry to be so late in posting apart from spending a week in Paris, no fun, in hospital and forgetting which site/forum I was on .....blah....blah.....blah The asian shop is behind "CORA" in Limoges bonne chance
  18. Hello sweet such kind words, glad to hear no more burnt tops/soggy bottoms. yes you should cook the spices gently at the begining, notice the word "cook" not fry, because that is what you are doing which means they will not taste "raw". Adding the Garam which is very fragrant but if over cooked will loose most of its fragrance, adding it at the end will guarantee it will not loose this wonderful fragrance that the cook took so long to prepare in her mortar & pestle. bonne chance
  19. Hi Sweet Glad you liked my Garam mix, if it's not to your taste you can always change the quantities of the spices to suit I've used the same amounts for many a year I was given it by a little old indian lady. I can understand why your friend uses a mortar & pestle, instead of tearing the spices to bits it bruises and crushes the spices which releases the oils which does give a different taste, remember to add the Garam at the end of cooking.
  20. Hi Chancer Coriander is easy to grow but you must get the seeds that are for growing the leaf the other seeds are for growing the seed, plant either in a sunny spot in garden or in a deep pot, as it has a long root we have 2 lots growing all the time second lot planted 4 to 6 weeks after first then keep replanting, once it's there you will go through it, little late now but next year plant some chillies, if your willing to pay the postage I'll send you a seedling now, you should get about 100 fruits and they are hot, I'm experimenting with some different types this year so should be interesting. Garam Masala....easy peasy...... 25g Black Peppercorns 25g Coriander seeds 20g caraway seeds 6g Cloves 10/15 cardamom pods 6g ground cinnamon Remove the seeds from the cardamom pods mix with the other whole spices then grind then fairly fine (not powdery) in a coffee grinder, mix in the cinamon and keep in an air tight container, as with ALL spices use within a few months as they will loose their flavour and taste powdery. You will notice the difference with this freshly made Garam Masala. Bonne Chance
  21. There is a very good one in Limoges and they stock almost everything, it's at the rear of ?????? I can't remember, I will ask my better half tomorrow and post here. regards
  22. How about this for an eye opener......... Quay side prices Kg Thursday 13th May 2010 Shetland 6 Boats landed 785 boxes Cod - £1.41-£2.25 Haddock - £1.39-£2.83 Whiting - £1.52-£2.24 Lemon Sole - £1.10-£4.95 Monks - £3.18-£4.20 Skate - £1.82 Skate (Blue) - £- Skate (Mixed) - £- Skate (Roker) - £2.12 Megrim - £1.47-£4.17 Plaice - £0.41 Haddock (Round) - £0.65 Whiting (Round) - £1.15 Squid - £3.37 Turbot - £12.29 Tusk - £- Witches - £1.01-£1.91 Hake - £1.09 Halibut - £9.52-£10.53 John Dory - £- Cats - £1.44 Saithe - £0.77-£1.06 Ling - £1.24 Lythe - £- Eel - £- sorry how much is hake ????
  23. Hi All Gem......... Gadus morhua Linnaeus, 1758 Atlantic cod Catalog of Fishes (gen., sp.) | ITIS | CoL Classification Actinopterygii | Gadiformes | Gadidae Synonyms Gadus morhua morhua, Gadus arenosus, Gadus callarias Common names Morue de l'Atlantique, Bacalao del Atlántico, Old soaker The french name "cabillaud" for cod entered the the french language in 1278 prior to that it was morue (yet another bit of useless information) Salt cod is morue salee but over the years the salee has been dropped hence the confussion!!!!! Sweet .......if you like turbot (I love it but not the price) try brill, Scophthalmus rhombus, barbue (F) from the same family as turbot it has a slightly more delicate taste / flavour. just john.......that is a super way of cooking fish, when or should that be if, I catch a carp that's the way I cook it. Cheap fish dish......the humble Mackerel, Maquereau (f) gutted, washed, rub on a little olive oil, season, fresh herbs in cavity, place on tray under hot grill, cook 3 to 5 min's (depending on size) carefuly turn over cook again 3 to 5 min's onto plate, eat with fresh bread, no need for knives and forks, yes, pick them up with your fingers ( I can hear the gasps from here :) oh and leave the head on as well :) .......but if you can't go native....head off and use cutlery but not that dreaded Victorian fish knive, they should all be melted down and made into something useful. love to all
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