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  1. I think the cost of bike insurance will make your eyes water here.

    It cost me 450euros to insure my T'bird here. I wont say I couldn't have got it cheaper but I did shop around and there wasnt much difference in the price like-for-like. (It includes european recovery, accessories and clothing).

    I am 57 with 7yrs ncb.My renewal quote from ebike in the UK was £94.50!

  2. I was issued with my 'carte vitale' about a month ago. While waiting for it I had accumulated several refund forms for doctors appointments, prescriptions etc.

    I duly filled in the forms and attached the various receipts to them. To ensure I had completed them correctly I went to the local CPAM office and asked them to check them before I submitted them. They did so and accepted them for processing.

    This was all done about 3 weeks ago but I have yet to receive any refund.

    Does anyone know how long I have to wait for reimbursment? I have been told that it normally takes about 5 working days, if this is so has anyone any suggestions on the best way to pursue this?

    My thanks in anticipation.

  3. [quote user="cooperlola"]I just had a look at one of the o/p's posts in another thread and it seems fine.  Did you figure out the problem, cheminot?[/quote]This reply should find out for me.

    I use Opera as my web browser.

  4. [quote user="Pickles"][quote user="cheminot"]Having read this post I have checked my insurance card. It states that the subscriber (policyholder) must sign the card but underneath that it says that in the case of residents of the UK and Northern Ireland all the vehicle users must sign it. AM I right in thinking that as I am resident in France it is only me who has to sign it and not my wife (who also drives) as well? cheminot[/quote]

    Are you sure that it doesn't say that if the CAR is driven in the UK/NI then all drivers must sign?

    [/quote] You are right. Having read it properly this time it does say that if visiting the UK or N. Ireland all drivers must sign. cheminot

    Edited to clear html code.

  5. Having read this post I have checked my insurance card. It states that the subscriber (policyholder) must sign the card but underneath that it says that in the case of residents of the UK and Northern Ireland all the vehicle users must sign it.

    AM I right in thinking that as I am resident in France it is only me who has to sign it and not my wife (who also drives) as well?

  6. I would like to lay a hardwood floor in our bathroom when we refurbish it.

    In a previous house in the Uk we had oak floors and I used a two part varnish made by Clarkes to seal them. It was very hard wearing and non slip but I dont know if it is still possible to get it.

    Does anyone know of it or any similar product preferably obtainable in France?

  7. [Is your hot water tank (ballon) anywhere in the vicinity? I was mystified by a bad smell for weeks, turned out that the drippy thing underneath (technical term)].

    Drippy thing underneath a water heater ?????????? I am very confused. Can someone elucidate?

    Expansion valve/chamber which allows the excess volume of water which expands when heated to escape to a drain.

  8. Had a similar problem to this. The vent pipe in the loft, which is above our utility room stopped just short of the 'mushroom'. As a result, when the warm vapours from the pipe hit the cold air in the loft they cooled and dropped to joist level and sometimes managed to find thier way down into the utility room via a small gap behind the vent pipe. I have since extended the pipe into the mushroom and sealed around it which has cured the problem.

  9. Bought my softener from Bricomarche. Including all the neccessary pipework,valves and a prefilter it cost about 1000 euros, but it depends on what size you need. There is a very helpful guide on the Leroy Merlin website. Look under 'adoucisseurs'.

  10. We are in a hard water area, measured it at 300ppm. I bought a couple of the magnets and fitted them to the pipes. It did improve things but we still get a lot of calcaire deposits.

    I am now installing a water softener as it is the only way I have heard that guarantees to eradicate calcaire. You have to keep them topped up with salt and the initial purchase and installation cost is quite high but I have had one before and feel they are worth the outlay.

  11. A 2.2kw generator should be adequate provided you are only using it to operate the pump.

    As regards connecting it you have to be very careful here. Under no circumstances can the mains supply and the generator supply be allowed to meet, the result would be explosive in the full sense of the word.

    You will need a specially constructed control panel incorporating current sensing relays, reverse current trips etc. which should only be done by a qualified electrician.

  12. I have just registered my Triumph Thunderbird in France. Originally I wrote to Eric Pecoraro and got no reply, I then wrote to the same address but just heading it 'Service Homologation' and got a reply within a week. I bought a new headlight glass, sent a copy of the V5 and the reciept for the headlight back to them and recieved the 'Attestation' free of charge by return of post.

    I had some entertaining moments at the Prefecture trying to persuade them that it was a motorbike and as a result did not need a Controle Technique but I am happy to report that having obtained my insurance today I am 'ready to roule'!

  13. I've just registered my Triumph Thunderbird in France. The broker I use for my car has quoted me 450 euros for insurance which I think is a bit too much.

    Any suggestions for alternative quotes would be most welcome.

  14. My wife and I will be permenantly resident in France from tomorrow (8th January 07).

    When should we notify the Hotel des impots of our residency for tax purposes and will we have to fill in a tax form this year?

  15. This is a bit complicated but I'll try to explain it as clearly as possible.

    I have a Transit van which I am in the process of registering in France. I have got the attestation de conformite and am at present waiting for the new headlights to be delivered.

    I have agreed with my neighbour (who is a builder) that I will part exchange the van + cash) for a car he owns (french registered).

    Question. Do I have to obtain a controle technique for the van before I exchange or register the van or would I be better off 'selling' him the van as english registered then letting him go through the registration process afterwards? Any other information about the best way to complete this process will be most welcome.

  16. I have a 1997 LWB Transit which I am in the process of re-registering in France.

    I live near Cognac. Can anyone tell me the best place to obtain headlights for this vehicle as I need to change them for the CT.

    Also, has anyone the address to write to in France to obtain an 'Attestation de Conformite' or is it best just to apply to the DRIRE?

  17. I have tried the method you have described to update my profile.

    It refuses to let me change my email address back to the old one in the same way that it declined to change profile in the first instance. Any suggestions? (provided they are physically possible and pain free)

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