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  1. That is what I said Ron. New paragraph.  Change of subject etc. I still have five million cards though...  AND I threw some out in a rash moment.
  2. At the last count, I had just under five million fidelity cards... I need another purse to carry them all! Leclerc is each store.  When I went to Nantes every day I parked my car in their car park before catching the tram so I did a bit of shopping there.  Never very much but each time I was asked if I would like the 20 or 30 centimes in hand.  At Ploërmel where I do a lot more shopping, they never ask.  I must have hundreds in euros earned there.  They will usually ask in December. I prefer Super U or Champion.  I've got some lovely gifts....[;-)]  Never go to Intermarché.
  3. Airbus are believed to be closing seven factories.....!
  4. David, I had this problem. I had a letter from the Préfecture saying that I didn't need a French driving licence which I carried around with my UK licence.  I finally got around this by going and applying at the Sub-prefecture and they issued one.  After 13 years! It took eight months to arrive... You have to insist.  Other people I know got their licences with no trouble at the Préfecture but me....???
  5. The interim agencies include Adecco and Manpower with, usually, others that are just local to a certain area.  Try google for their sites. It is wages minus around 20% then tax deducted I think. Although French famillies do live on smic, they can claim for certain things to raise the amount which might not be available to UK people.  There was an article in the paper the other day showing just how the number of people on RMI had increased in recent years. 10% unemployment in France.  It can be difficult to find a job.
  6. My smile would be drooping too, Jan.  I knew about this year but I hadn't realised it had been going on for so long. Still no help from the doctor?  Could you have a food allergy or something which makes you not lose weight?  It must be something. You are perhaps allergic to lettuce and other 'diet' foods and you should be eating dumplings, swigged down with gin...[:D][:D][:D] Be brave.  We will all arrive at our targets one day.
  7. I had a friend in almost the same situation a few years ago.  Well, a bit different. Your friends should be able to claim for all the expence and work carried out to improve the property. . .but could they then be charged back dated rent, for example?  Have they proof they paid for the materials etc?  They should be able to claim for a part of the increase in the property's value.  In a fair world, that is. Very difficult.  Let us know what the Notaire says.
  8. I can't help you with the South Beach as I haven't read the book.  Gay knows all about it.  Swears by it as she lost loads of weight on it.  I am sure it will come up if you google it.  It is all about GI foods I think.  I found it a bit complicated.  I am eating oats for my breakfast now though which is a Good Sign.  Shame I like them sweet. What's all this nonsence about deep fat fryers???  Both your husbands must be in league!  Are your husbands being deprived? ha ha ha!  Gilles would eat chips every day if I cooked them. I have lost nearly three stone this year with a lot of falling off the wagon so I am really pleased.  I can cope with a very slow weight loss as long as it doesn't go up when I'm being bad.  Let's face it, I'm not 'suffering'. Do you remember people warning us at the beginning not to lose weight too fast?  It still makes me smile!  Fat chance!![:D]
  9. The season here in Josselin is short.  Eight weeks?  Certainly by 15th August, people are drifting back to work.  When I did it it was mainly July and August.  I wouldn't recommend it for a sole person.  I was cream crackered!  All that ironing in 35°C. Actually in Josselin we are well served by hotels and b&b.  Once upon a time, in the good old days when people came here to look for a holiday home, the b&b scene was busy but now that the people have bought their houses and let their friends visit them cheaply or run gites on the black....  There are a lot of British around here now with a spare bedroom or two. Also, in Josselin most b&b don't do evening meals as there is so much choice for eating out if that is why you were asking about the kitchen. All the restaurants are closed now...I have been trying to find one open during the week on an evening (one we like, that is) and there is nothing open. I can recommend the lovely sunny October weather though.
  10. Tell me about it. How can one litre of oil turn into five litres of splashes and drips? If the diet suits you, keep at it.  The only way to lose weight is to stop eating so much and shift about.  It is finding the method to suit you and everyone, of course, is different.  The less pain involved, the longer you can keep it up. Gay swears by South Beach, I like Atkins but I'm going through an orange fetish so I am counting calories, one Jan was on salmon and melon for a time I think... We have tried and failed on them all over the years but I am doing alright this time.  Up until now...[blink]  I'm fancying egg and chips and I don't know who to blame......!
  11. I can't remember how much ours cost but it was a last minute decision by my husband when we bought a property together.  We were actually at the Notaires to sign for the house when he decided and they just ran off a copy of the standard document and we signed it and left with it in our hands. I have just asked him and he thinks it was free.  I think we paid something though.
  12. Don't worry, if I wanted chips I would have them.  I just can't be doing with oil everywhere.  I threw my chip pan out as no matter how many times I scrubbed it, it was a serious health hazard. I would rather drink wine or gin than lager. . .
  13. In the supermarkets, there are just as many huile de tournasol as pur beurre.  Even the boulangerie has two kinds...lower fat being one. I'm a pur beurre type of Girl.  If I'm going to push the boat out, I might as well sin completely.  No point otherwise[;-)]  
  14. The place we like is just through the archway opposite the Ibis.  (There might, of course, be more than one Ibis.)  You enter the old town and after the Church, turn right until you see the hotel and the big parking next to it.  Not far.
  15. Quite true. You need a glass in your hand to balance.  A fag in your mouth so you have to squint through the smoke to see the board also helps[:D] There!  My secret, winning technique revealed! I always thought a balanced diet was a bag of chips in one hand and a lager in the other.  They must be around the same weight? Ooh!  Chips!  Can't remember the last time I ate chips......or had a lager!
  16. You cannot evict someone for non-payment of rent in the winter months between October and March.  Against the law.  By the time you can evict them, the law is so slow you are back to winter again... I rented out to people on six month contracts whilst they worked at the local factory and that was fine because they left after six months.  Any longer lets I had all paid on the dot. A friend of mine rented out his house and they paid the caution and the first months rent and that was it for the three years they stayed there.  These people weren't French.  Their car number plate was yellow with three lots of two numbers or letters. People don't pay their rent in the UK.  It is not just a French thing.
  17. Lovely hotel in Boulogne...Eclos de l'Eveche.  Slightly more expensive than Ibis but we liked it.  It is in the old town and close to all the restaurants.  It is expensive to eat there...they do do offers though. You will find it on google.
  18. The opposite for me.  When I first came here it was my first employers who did all that for me.  Before carte vitale anyway.  We had those bits of paper then. When I changed from MSA to CPAM, I received another number.  The first one was 'temporary' apparently, and had lasted 10 years... It is so long ago I can't remember the documents I had to produce.
  19. Well, I'm going to be just like you next summer then. Friday.  Let's get started (again) day. I did get weighed....[:(]
  20. There are yet more changes arriving on 1st January regarding inheritance.  My SIL was talking about them last weekend.  She and my BIL are going to change their marriage regime to the same one as my in-laws...you can tell I wasn't listening can't you...but whereas that change went to tribunal, from January, it can be arranged by the Notaire.  As it stands, their two daughters inherit 30% each so she is left with 40%.  They agreed with their mother Friday night but as the weekend progressed and they realised that their parents had adventurous plans including selling up and buying a 60m² in the VIeme and exploring the world....possibly leaving them with nothing, the tone changed.  My SIL was distraught as she thought that her daughters weren't like 'all the others'.  Grasping. A friend of hers is in the terrible predicament of being a widow and a bit short of cash.  She wants to sell 'her' holiday home but her children say no... One of the reasons we are leaving France.  Well.  The main one really.
  21. What a disappointment for you.  Many years ago when I bought my first house, the Notaire just told me that beetle was 'rien'.  It could be treated.  Which it was and it is still standing! Wonderfull weather we are having at the moment.  Just right for house hunting.  Next time you come to Josselin, let me know and I will hide....no!  Meet you for a coffee I meant.[:D] If you want.  Market?
  22. Blimey. Is she one of those ladies who is force fed by a strange man?  I have heard about them. At last someone with more to lose than me....[:D]
  23. I've just looked at it again.  Can understand a bit more now. Some of the other stars seems a bit fatigue! Kamini is a nurse.  One of those nurses I can't spell the name of with psy in it.  
  24. I first saw this on the news this morning then again tonight on Ruquier. It isn't easy to understand but it is, apparently, the most looked at clip on Youtube.  Might just be France of course.  Rural rap... http://www.kamini.fr/
  25. No!  Ooh!  A new diet to fail on[:P]  Explain please. Well, I've started again.  Calories.  I will do it until the weekend and if I am null, it is Atkins. Not long until Christmas....when we can put it all back on again.
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