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  1. Possibly at some places but not at RAF Shawbury - the Met Department there was actually run by Civvies from the Met Office.
  2. Romeo has been coming on in leaps and bounds (literally) since he came to live with us at the end of August but I don't think his back end is quite strong enough for a salsa yet - although I am sure he would give it a go if there was a treat involved!
  3. I remember 1981/2 well - we were actually living in a married quarter on the base at RAF Shawbury. There was a single lads accomodation block opposite housing maybe 40 or 50 lads and their heating pipes froze so each man was given an electric convector fire - which not surprisingly was far too much for the electrical system to cope with.!   They were not happy bunnies.  We had thick ice on the inside of all our windows for over two weeks and our dog (a yellow Lab) just refused to go outside at all and had to be dragged into the garden.  One thing that I do remember is that when the temp goes below -20 the inside of your nose begins to freeze - really not very pleasant.
  4. Yes, when they're in the coop I'm sure that they are okay - but during the day they only go in to lay; I don't think they are bright enough to think - I'd like some water, I'll just pop into the coop!
  5. Has anyone got any ideas on how to stop the hens water from freezing?    We change it a couple of times a day but they certainly don't have water always available which is what I would prefer.   OH breaks the ice in their pond daily and their drinking water is renewed first thing, 3 hours later and again part way through the afternoon.  Do hens actually need constant water?  With the temperatures as they are now and are forecast to be for the next week we would have to change it every 30 minutes or so......
  6. Suandpete


    Make sure that you take comfy shoes - we walked and walked and walked! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  7. I have an S1 because I am in receipt of retirement pension from the UK - but still have to sign a form every year for CPAM to state that I am still receiving the pension.  I see no problem with that at all.
  8. Bon courage!  hope it all goes well. and bonne r├ęcuperation!
  9. We were lucky enough to have Romeo (aged 11) come to live with us in August and have never regretted it for a minute - he is such a lovely dog and is just typical of the breed.  If anyone can find it in their heart to take Timo I am sure they will never regret it; surely he deserves a good home where he can be secure for the rest of his life.
  10. Yes - you will be paying next years bill in advance and will still have to settle this years.  They use the eleventh and (twelfth if necessary) months to charge you the difference between this years rate and next years.  So you basically pay ten instalments based on this years rate and then the difference between this year and next year in November 2012.
  11. Romeo (unofficially now Rummy) has been with us since last Saturday and he is doing really well.  No problems between him and the other two so far and he is lovely. [IMG]http://i1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd372/inchocks/Dogs/dogs13.jpg[/IMG]
  12. Not yet - I've saved it and hope to have time at the weekend.  It looks just the job - thanks very much.
  13. Romeo is superb.  I know it's very early days yet but he is lovely.  He needs some fresh air, exercise and good food and he'll get all them here.  He seems to be getting on well with Molly and Murphy and already is part of the family.  Thank you so much Christine. [IMG]http://i1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd372/inchocks/Dogs/dogs2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd372/inchocks/Dogs/dogs4.jpg[/IMG]
  14. Yes I understand that - but if he came to us he wouldn't be neutered at first and if there were problems between the dogs and he had stitches and was recovering from an op it would be so unfair on all three of them.  Ours are 10 and 12 and he is 11.  I would love to get him out in a heartbeat but unfortunately it's not quite as straightforward as that.  Part of me wonders if he might be better with a family where he isn't the new one in the pack. but on the other hand this place would be very safe and secure for him.   Anguish!
  15. Yes, I've been thinking about him too - however we have 2 dogs already - one ten and one twelve and the thought of the vets fees is just one more problem.  The main one is that he's not neutered.  We're still thinking about all the angles.
  16. Well, this morning it is back to normal - and I did nothing to my Firefox.   Odd....
  17. I thought (until today) that I had always taken the updates......
  18. I'm on Firefox 3 6 6 and have the same problem - text only and just happened since I went into it for the first time today.
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