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  1. It’s been 14 at one point in North West England
  2. The major cancer centres are linked to NHS facilities is what it was meant to say at the end of my post
  3. I don’t think that apart from quicker surgery which HRH doesn’t appear to be having there’s much private cancer treatment in the UK .The major cancer ce
  4. Who else remembers the days when if there was breaking news in the middle of a broadcast,a telephone would ring on the presenters desk and they would have to answer it
  5. My friend has had stage 4 breast cancer for over 20 years,she’s been fortunate that the treatments she has received have suited her
  6. Found as a result of his recent prostate treatment but not prostate
  7. I’m sure a lot of the people selling houses in the UK would have worked hard to pay for them initially
  8. Is discussing naming people from other forums allowed on here?
  9. I’ve changed my opinion on this recently I did like it but having lost a relative recently to cancer I can see that it could be hurtful and could lead to complacency
  10. I got a three course meal in a French Restaurant in Liverpool for£19.99 last week and it was excellent My three course Christmas lunch in an Italian was £25.99 still okay like everywhere there’s good and bad The prices are going up here though
  11. I always love the way people say “ I am not the only one complaining “ but then can’t back it up
  12. It used to be work to late NYE and work an early NYD
  13. A lot of people did their jobs properly it reads to me
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