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  1. Well done Ken,that’s a whole bunch of people put off going to the dentist.Excellent
  2. I was seeing Christmas stuff in the UK late August early September,it drives me mad and I like Christmas
  3. We noticed there were fewer Geckos in the Auvergne this year compared to previous years
  4. I didn’t need telling twice!
  5. Sorry I’ve been misreading I thought this thread was about QUEEN Elizabeth not PM Liz
  6. Did you not follow the leadership campaign then ,DBs pretty much sussed it
  7. Someone said not all the privy councillors were there
  8. I realise reading back my post seems somewhat sympathetic believe me I am not,my comments were to say she has brought aggrevation not just to herself but the people who will have to protect her
  9. She’s completely messed her life up ,at least the next few years of it. That should be ‘punishment’ enough .However she will need some kind of protection and security for a while because she has made herself vulnerable,you cannot just say she’s made her bed she should lie in it
  10. I thought Charles came across very well in his speech last night
  11. Chip shop lady certainly has been,the good news for Trevor Sinclair is there’s a buisness up for rent in the highlands if he needs it (Not my joke)
  12. It was obviously designed to create tension,so if you feel that that’s what you need to do....
  13. Ken instead of bumping your gums start a thread ,stop whinging,get off your backside and do something about it
  14. Actually I think anything would have got a reaction
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