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Relaying Channel Tiles - HELP


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Morning guys,

Been having a good look around YouTube but can only find info where the tile is stuck down with foam, not the sort of thing I want to do.I have old hand-made tiles..

So looking for some help/pointer or links to good info.My main problem is how do you finish the over hang on a roof – it’s ok if butting up to a wall of a nice cement fillet or flashing what sorts the lay-out. I just don’t know how to finish a end wall over-hang so any help most welcome.

Thanks Guys

PS: if we got a chap in,how much would it cost ?
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Not done it personally but round here a layer of tiles is cemented onto the top of the wall with around a 1/4 to 1/3 tile overhang. A second layer of tiles is then cemented onto the first with a second overhang of about the same and then a third layer cemented again with a similar overhang. This eventually means you end up with the last/top layer of tiles overhanging the wall by around a full tile. It may of course be a very local thing.
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Firstly, a photo of what you are trying to do be help? But if it's like this


Then it's called Genoise and here is some info on it


The original idea was that before guttering and down pipes were around it kept water falling from the roof away from the house walls. All the posh places had/have them and the more layers the more bestest.

Our house has 3 [:-))][8-|]

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They are the same as ours



There ya goo, clickable now.

On ours the gable edge tiles are cemented on as are the bottom edge tiles. The rest are just laid there and held by gravity. I have had to life one or two of them on out summer kitchen and main house roofs and  all you do is remove the one you want to, simply lift it out and slide it back in. So easy and so efficient too!

Try not to walk on them unless they are dry. They tend to be softer when wet and I have cracked a couple by walking on them then.

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