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Skips in France?

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Hello there,

Total newbie... I just bought a holiday home in Massif des Bauges and am going to gradually make it more of a home from home.

I wondered what the scenario was in France for skip hire etc? One of the first jobs is to knock an internal wall down and put a big wooden beam in place... and I am guessing the underlying block will not be something I want to keep...

Cheers all!
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Search the Yellow Pages www.pagesjaunes.fr for "benne". But don't be surprised if you are quoted up to 500€.

Easier to find someone with a trailer (or hire a van) to take it to the local tip. It will need to be sorted properly.

You might find someone locally willing to collect the hardcore (remblai/gravats) for their building project or a local farmer wanting some to firm up a driveway.
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All good points.... thanks all.... yeah I guess it makes sense that skips would cost a lot.

Perhaps I will just buy a trailer out there (my car has a towbar), but chatting with some locals may bear fruit on that score.

Good point about the terrace, I am planning on extending the existing balcony, so the ground level for that underneath wouldnt see any sun and therefore would be best if it were concreted (using the concrete blocks as a base....).

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