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SAUR quotation. New water + sewage line


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Hello everyone,



This is a SAUR (water) devis for installing new water line and sewage line.

"neuf d'eaux usees" is the sewage line right?

Would appreciate second pair of eyes browsing over this. Price is fine

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Both are 'branchements neufs' i.e. new connections.

And you're right .. one is for a new connection for (drinking) water and the other is for (used) water i.e. waste water.

I can't help with deciphering whether the installations are correct for you .. I'm no plumber/sanitation engineer .. but I am sure that someone knowledgeable will be along soon.
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I guessed how much before opening and was way out, I imagined double or triple that, so far less than I expected.

Those devis look pretty comprehensive to me too and it is their job, so one would hope that all would be covered.

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