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tax d'amenagement


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On completing a loft conversion, am I right in saying that tax d'amenagement is payable as a one-off payment, in addition to the increase in annual tax d'habitation?

I was aware of the tax d'habitation increase, but had overlooked the tax d'amenagement.

Are there any personal or business circumstances that might make you eligible for a rebate / abatement / discount / etc etc ?

I gather it is dependent on floor area.

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I cannot help as we never had that opportunity,as  that was one thing that we were forbidden to do, any work in our loft, as our POS was taken up fully by our terrace extension, yes a terrace outside, never did get why, but there you go.

Also as I don't understand why you would get help with a tax bill,you will hopefully  enlighten me as to why you think or hope you should..

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