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PV 13 Tuiles


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Does anyone have a manufacturer website for PV 13 Tuiles mechanique?

I need to know the minimum acceptable slope for a roof I'm replacing on a conservatory. It's 8 m wide and 4 m deep, and currently is half-and-half metal sheets and polycarbonate.

Because it's directly west facing and glass on three side walls even with only half of the roof transparent it's too hot to use for most of the summer, so I'm planning to take off the polycarbonate.

Plan 1 was to replace this with more of the cream-coloured Bacacier sheets. However they seem to have stopped making the cream (beige, they call it) version, and mix-and-match colours would look awful, so plan 2 is to replace the lot with PV 13 to match the house and barn. they have the traditional 30 - 45 degree slope, but because of window openings on the attached wall I can't achieve anything like that for the conservatory. I haven't measured it properly, but it's probably only about 10 or 15 degrees which intuitively feel too slight for a roof looking at the prevailing wind (and rain) direction.

Now if only I had a spec sheet.....
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