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Planning permission?


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I have a property in Hauts de France and have been offered some land on the same road. This land currently has a very large wooden summer house on it and old vegetable beds.  I would like to buy this land but am not sure whether I would be able to build a garage on it which is the only reason I would want to purchase it.  The vendor, my neighbour, doesn't know either.  He didn't need planning permission for his summer house  but I'm guessing thats becuase its only made of wood.  Does anyone know if I would need planning permission for a garage. The land is currently a field full of sheep (not my neighbours) but they wouldn't be there if I bought the land. Thanks!

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Yes, as Wooly says, the Mairie is the best 1st port of call.

I used to know the rules, but have forgotten them and anyway, they could well have changed!

Since you’re planning on erecting a garage, so presumably nothing much bigger than a double garage of (say) 40 m2, then I have a feeling that a Declaration de Travaux may be all that you need. That’s just a little bit of paperwork signed off locally. Anyway, they’ll know at the Mairie.

Just curious - a field big enough for a flock of sheep seems quite big for just a garage. Could you not come to an arrangement over the sheep remaining? Even if it was only for some lamb for the freezer .........

It’d keep the grass down.

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If it's a vegetable store and you want to build a garage, would that not mean an application for "change of use"?

After all, vegetables are not as valuable as a car or cars and suitable materials might need to be specified for safety reasons (combustions, theft, etc)  I don't know but I thought I'd put that point forward in case it comes up.

Yes, definitely best to sound out the maire for starters[:)]

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