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Now that is curious mint, because we had a balcony built about 25m2 and we needed planning permission and were told that it counted towards our POS and we could do no further adjustments to our home.

The loft ? NOPE, even though it was there, it was just a space, that could not be used for habitation.

So how, or is it why, can a closed in balcony not count, these things are beyond me.

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Don't know why it doesn't count, id.  I sent the sales particulars, plus a photo, plus professionally produced house plans to ensure the insurance company knew the set-up.  Maybe Ceejay asking about valuation purposes has led me to think insurance and it might not be for that at all.

I believe that I have also been told that kitchens and bathrooms are not counted as habitable but I didn't like to say that to Ceejay as I wasn't absolutely sure about that.  We counted the kitchen as we have a kitchen/dining room.

In our first house, we had a big room of 46 sq metres and that was counted as 2 rooms because of its size.

Don't forget Ceejay was asking about measuring for "valuation" purposes not for planning and not for sales particulars.  I suppose that theoretically, you couldn't normally live in a kitchen, bathroom or toilet?[:D]

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