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Help! Loan Not Materialised. Alternatives Sought...


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Courtesy of my ex-wife I am still unable to use 20,000 of my own funds!

I applied to a well-known, English-speaking branch of a French Bank on 14th April for a mortgage and nothing has materialised. Every time I contact them they ask for yet more paper...

Five weeks into owning my French Dream and four days before I expected to be open for business in the gite trade I have had to lay off my UK labour and send them back; they have been sitting around waiting for materials which I had expected to purchase using either my own money or the banks...

I am now in the unenviable position of having to consider selling my property, what I would do then I do not know!

Does anyone have any constructive ideas?



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Can't you get a bridging loan from a british bank, they do do them here, they are called something like 'relay'. As you can tell french banks are not very trustworthy really. I personally would go with a british bank.

This is what happened to us.We had applied for a further loan from our french bank to buy this house, because the TVA had gone up after we had signed up for the house and hadn't budgeted for 'budget' changes. As far as we were concerend the loan had been granted and we had signed etc. Six odd months later however, the day I went into the bank to get the money they said, 'ah no, you can't have this'. And since this happened 19 years ago, I don't think that french banks have improved in any way. They quite happily manipulate the truth to the detriment of the clients and the head offices quite happily treat the clients as being untruthful. So far I have not found one I can say that I trust.

Good Luck and I hope that a british bank will bale you out.
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