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This Bill is a Mistery


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Can anyone help ! We recenctly received an invoice for 64 euros
but can't find out what it's for but paid it immediately to avoid
any problems.
It's a Lettre De Rappel from the Tresorerie De Rohan
Other info , Objet de la Creance
Commune De Reguiny . Redevance Ord Menageres 2002.
It was sent to address here in the UK.
Not a lot of info I know , but would like to know what we've paid for ???????
Thank you
Carole & Dave Roberts Naizin Nr Pontivy.

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As other people have said this is a charge for the removal of household rubbish. We pay this as part of our Tax Fonciere, it is listed separately. We live in the Aude.

We bought a watermill in a remote situation and are finding it difficult to get planning permission as we are not classed as an "habitation". We have been assessed now for Taxe d'Habitation as we have partly renovated the property, but have been told this will not be much. We have been paying for the removal of household rubbish for 10 years although only spending school holidays in a caravan and now in part of our property. No one collects our rubbish, we compost or burn most of it and take a tiny amount to the tip ourselves. We seem to be a habititation when it suits the french.
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