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Query on bank charges


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I have paid in a couple of cheques - posting them with a copy of our RIB - and have had bank charges. I am confused as the cheques were for Euros and not in Sterling and I though there would be no charges!

Also.... our bank "kindly" sent our Notaire money from our account without our asking them, this made our account overdrawn and so I have had charges that are not our fault. My French isn't that good so I am having to write as best I can to ask for them to refund the charges because it was their boo-boo. Any assistance from someone who can write French better than me would be appreciated.

Sarah & Brian

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Where were the euro cheques drawn on. If they were drawn on a nonfrench bank you would have charges, if feel sure. Just as we do if we use our euro mastercard/visa cards in other euro zone countries, there is a charge at the moment of 1%.

One has to be careful what one pays in etc.

Good luck getting a refund from your bank for their error. I just hope that they didn't report you to the Banque de France too.
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