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Paying Income Tax


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Hi all

As a newbie to the site I am trying to work out how best I might arrange my affairs when I (hopefully) move out next year. Apologies if these questions are 'basic' but I cannot find any similar situations posted on the site.

I currently own my own company with UK based clients, as the work is computer orientated (I design electronic circuit boards) this work travels well to anywhere there is a phone line and a reliable connection to the internet.

After speaking to the CNR in UK they assure me that my income whilst not resident would not attract UK taxation, and that I would therefore need to register with the French authorities to pay 'income tax'.

I am sure that there are many people doing similar 'live in France work in England' self employed jobs and would be interested in hearing from them with their experiences and knowledge gained.

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We're in a similar situation except my other half actually works in england, own ltd company etc, he's a sftware engineer.
To be exempt from uk tax you have to be out of the country full the full tax year, so plan move carefully, only thing is i was under the impression that income earned in the uk had to be taxed in uk, or are you going to be working from your french address and being paid in euros? We were thinking of doing this but then you can't have a uk company you have to register with the french authorities and pay the proffesional taxes levied there and go through the apparently difficult process of getting a french registered company. Which apparently costs alot and is a very lenghty process.
To get round this we have thought of keeping uk company and paying tax there and then declaring worldwide income here and paying the extra, or it could be the other way round and the uk would get nothing anyhow because of double taxation treaty, apparently country of residence can get first claim to tax even if it is earned else where.
What i do know for certain at the moment is that its really complicated and we're going to have to take professional advice to make sure we don't make the wrong decision.
In our case we might go for split residency, because Russell physically works most of the time in uk or some other country , we can apparentlytry this even if our main residence is here, sorry i'm getting sidetracked.
If I find out anything that might be of help I'll let you know.
We could always plead insanity


ps i apologise if i've got any of my facts wrong, still finding out myself!
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Maybe I am misunderstanding what you mean by split residence - but - I was told that if one half of a married couple was resident in France, then both where liable for tax etc. This applies even if the partner residing in France was not working.

I am an IT contractor working through my own limited company. We considered by husband living in our french home while doing the work it so badly needs. However we found that this was not financially viable due to the above and the costs involved in setting up a french company.

If this is not the case I would love to know.

Best regards
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