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Capital Gains Tax On Share Sales

Graham & Brenda

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I posted this to "Legal" in error earlier...

I am considering retiring to France next year. I hold shares obtained under an SAYE scheme which are now worth much more than I paid for them, although with the depressed state of the market I do not currently wish to sell any.
I have been told that ther is no CGT allowance on share sales for French residents.
a) Is this true? and, if so, b) What are my options?
Any advice will be appreciated, thanks.

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There is an annual CGT free allowance on share sales of E 7,650 worth of gain, so this would enable you to sell some of your shares over a number of years without hitting the limit. If for example you also hold some poorly performing tech-stocks, you could sell those at a loss and offset the loss against your other gains over the following five years.

Assuming you have the right to sell all your stocks currently without penalty, you could do this whilst still in the UK, and repurchase at the same price (possibly losing the bid-offer spread) and any gain made whilst in France would be measured against this new higher level. This is particularly appropriate if you feel the stocks are presently under-valued and it would allow you to liquidate more quickly in the future.

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