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BNP to charge 5 euros for ATM withdrawals less than 150 euros

roger taylor

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LAST EDITED ON 31-Oct-02 AT 04:22 PM (GMT)

According to the TF1 website BNP are going to charge 5 euros for withdrawals from "distributeurs automatiques de billets (DAB)" (ATM withdrawals) of under 150 euros after tomorrow (a partir de vendredi) They are also going to stop cashing cheques in the bank to encourage people to use the ATMs. However they are going to issue cashcards FOC in future. The motive to incourage people to use the DABs, to have less cash in the bank and to discourage hold-ups.

They will only cash cheques in the bank if the ATM is broken or if because of handicap, ill health etc the client is unable to use the ATM.

I wonder if they will make a charge of 5 euros against UK card withdrawals or other French bankcards for that matter.

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