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Mortgage payments


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Hi all

We have just received a statement from our bank and notice that our mortgage payments are incurring a Cotisation ADI and a Coti.cpt serv souplesse amounting to some 14.00 - not a lot I know to some but it is another deduction from our bank account and the amounting 14.00s could go towards another mortgage payment!

The mortgage is with the same bank as our current account. Is it right that we are incurring these "extra" charges? We thought it bad enough that every time we paid in euros that we were getting charged and every time we paid in a euro cheque we were charged but to have a charge to have our mortgage payment transferred to the "mortgage" account seems a bit absurd more so that they are at the same bank!!!


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I think you will find that you are proud subscribers to:

A.D.I: Assurance Dcs Invalidit: Similar to, but more comprehensive than, the term life assurance you might have with a British mortgage.

If as I suspect you are with Credit Agricole, then you are also "Benefiting" from one of their "Added Value" accounts the "Compte-Service Souplesse" which for a fee offers insurance against lost papers, keys, cheap overdraft etc etc. Again similar to such accounts offered in the UK.

It's up to you to decide whether you need these add-ons and whether they offer value for money.

As always banks are keen to offer you all kinds of services, usually chargeable, that may or may not be irrelevant to your personal situation.

You should also check exactly what you signed for, and find out whether any of these "add-ons" are now mandatory conditions of your loan.
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