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What happens to my Pension????


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I do know a bit about it, you can freeze the pensions to be paid on retirement age or you can transfer a certain amount of the value to another pension, you have to speak to the pension provider though to see which is best for you.
Hope this helps

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Hi Anton - Jongleuse here

I love your postings!! Thought RichardBK's answer in Post bag was interesting re this "suspicious" posting!!.

To go totally off the point of this thread, 3 modest meals for 2 with drink, being, Flunch's menu express (I'm the one with the wine!!) complete with as many soggy vegetables and the ubiquitous chips as one can manage - great value at only about 9 per meal if you don't include starter or pud!!

Then again child care at 30 a day!! I'll do it for 15!! It has to be easier than chasing hens and mucking out!! On second thoughts, knowing my two (as well as I do) perhaps not!!

A quality bottle of wine. Well I refuse to pay more than 8 for a decent bottle!! Jongleur would no doubt say that was too much for him to pay for me!!

Spending 30 - a complete body massage/facial, about 6 months supply of eggs chez nous!! A hairdo with permanent colour or just 30 in your pocket or bank!!

Just trying to bring a lighter note to an (in my humble opinion) weird posting and no doubt making it all worse!!!!!

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