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I have read through the archives but it does not answer my particular question in full, hence - I went to my local post office to open an account filled all the forms in proof of address etc, the man was extremely helpful, the only thing we asked is that all documentation was sent to our UK address, this may have been our error, because later on in the day he contacted us and said he had phoned the Rennes office to check everything would be ok, however because we are not resident in france yet, we could not have a bank card or cheque book, but they could offer us an account with just standing order facilities.

However, my farther in law approx 3/4months ago opened a similar account in the Charente area and he has cheque book and bank card although he is not resident, but he gave us french address for all docs to be sent to.

The post master said they are tightening up the laws so if we are not residents we cannot have this account which I find strange I told him we have a bank card from our bank and he is going to recheck for us, any comments would be very much apprecaited.

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