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12 up against Euro


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>I see the pound is 1.47
>against the Euro today.
>When we were buying in
>August 2003, we were told
>that it would probably be
>1 euro to the 1
>by the end of December.
>Just shows you.

If there is a terrorist attack in the UK like that of Spain we may see it fall substantially!

It was 1.50 about three weeks ago.
I keep hoping it will get to 1.62 as it was two years ago!

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A very interesting topic, but here we go again it is been "HIGHJACKED" by members discussing how to print the symbols. No wonder people get frustrated with using "search" and quite rightly have to repeat subjects to find the answers.

Surely, it is not too much to ask if you have a different question to the subject being discussed to open a new topic. It will benefit everyone in the long term and just to remind you of the sensible rules posted only 2 days ago by Forum Admin. lets play by the game.

"2. Please keep to the topic of the original thread. This will help users to locate the information that they are looking for and will save space on the servers."

For anyone who missed Forumadmin message it is here:

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I see your point however I think its a little pedantic in this instance. In proportion to the number of posts in this thread surely a few tips about how to type a Euro symbol are permitted? (at least its relevant and useful)
I would suggest just changing the title when you are posting something 'off track' so it makes it easier for people looking for info.

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