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Capital Gains Tax??


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We have recently placed our property on the market and require some clarification of potential capital gains tax.
We sold our u.k house and moved into our French house some months later.
We occupied our house in France from the day of completion and can provide utility bills to verify.
We have occupied our house for just over one year.
We do not have a carte de sejour as the whole question of its neccesity and the debate prior to its abolition{for E.U citizens}has now been resolved.
Technically ,yes we should have had the carte,but we heard stories of people asking for application forms and being told they will not be required soon!
This was approx 6 months ago.
The crux ,therefore of the query is,Are we liable for CGT?
Opinions gratefully received.
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As it is the notaire who will decide how much and if you have to pay CGT and deduct it from any proceeds I would suggest a visit to the notaire and ask what he thinks.The problem rests with proving whether it is your principal residence If you are French then that is not much of a problem but being a foreigner you are at a disadvantage, presumably not paying income tax,only been there a year,presumably not moving because of work commitments etc It may appear to the French authorities to be property speculation, but then again you might not actually have much of a capital gain if you have only been their a year
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