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Help! Money transfer advice needed


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I knew this would happen - limited to no access to phone and internet and we have to send money quickly.

So - 150,000 to transfer into euros and send to French account (already established), how would you do it in the most efficient/time saving manner? Good rate would be preferrable, and we do not want to take risks as this is all our cash!

I have considered Moneybookers, Currencies Direct and HIFX, I don't think Moneybookers will be any good due to a low limit.

Your advise please!

Also any views on sending jointly owned funds temporarily to an account held in name of one partner only (other than the obvious one that lucky account holder will then do a runner - I'll put him on a short lead!)? We will then set up a joint account and transfer money, or (if they'll do it) change the single account to joint account??? Any adverse implications re tax etc????

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Are you in the uk or here. We used our bank, Nationwide, and it cost 20.00(no matter how much you send) and it moves within 24 hours at 1 point below commercial rate, ie if the rate is 1.50 it comes over at 1.49. We just filled a form in with all french bank details and voila at the press of a button over it came.

Some banks charge a percentage to send it and give a far worse rate than we got when we moved our capital.

Hope this helps a little.
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