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do you have an account with no monthly charges, if so who with, we need to open an account asap and being used to paying bills with no charges i dont like the idea of having to pay to pay if you know what i mean, if this account doesn't exist what can i expect to pay per month for payment of bills

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All banks charge in France as far as I know. We're with Credit Agricole and pay 6,27 euros a month which seems a lot but there are no charges on top of that and this fee includes our debit card, which again you have to pay for in France (normally approx 35-40 euros as I recollect. We have found having a debit card essential for 24 hour petrol, Moneo and the occasional time when our English credit cards refuse to work...

Nick O'D
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i dont pay ANY bank charges to my banque populaire BUT - it took a great deal of effort and i am not their favourite person. first of all i signed up for a debit card (in all my innocence) . then, when i found out they charged for this, i cut it in two and gave it back to them. they sent a few letters telling me how i would regret this and suffer all sorts of inconvenience but i got away with it.
then i signed up for a carrefour carte passe not realising that this is in fact a payment card and not like a nectar card at sainsburys. not only would i have to pay 6eurosish every year to carrefour (which i didnt really mind, especially since they gave me a 10 euro bon d'achat as a joining gift) but yet again the bank had the nerve to take a wodge for setting up the annual direct debit!!!! have just cut up said card and returned it to carrefour - hope i dont get charged for that too!!!
THEN i noticed a 13euro50 charge on my bank statement with the description "carnet de bord". i worked out that this was for some bumph they had sent me - a list of all the money i had spent over the year with such really unuseful additions as the average amount for all the cheques i had written (about 8 in the whole year). to cut a long story short, i phoned, asked for rendezvous, was asked why, explained and was told to send the document back saying i didnt want it and the amount would be deducted - no need for rdv - did this. then got letter asking me to make a rendezvous!!!! this turned out to be a grilling session - how much do i earn? why doesnt my pension get paid into their account every month? why havent i got a carte bleue? i promised all these things would happen when england changes over to the euro and i think i convinced her but she kept saying that my account wasnt "interessant" for the bank. silly me - forgot that we were meant to be boosting their profits!!! thought it was just so we could have standing orders for EDF and wanadoo and waterbills!! anyway, i think i got away with it. will continue to use english credit cards and nationwide hole in the wall to top up french account, making sure that i keep just enough in it to stay in the black!!!
hard work but rather satisfying in the end!!!
i think this really belongs in the finance section but it started off as a reply.
mean jean
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We use a carte blue deferre with La Poste. It means we have all the advantages of a credit card - although it is paid off each month automatically - we are using someone elses money for a month which makes up for the bank charges.

I then transfer money through card in the hole - Nationwide/Credit Agricole. I have the internet and always look up www.x-rates.com - I never now trade unless it says 1.50 to the pound. This is regular as clockwork - everytime the British have a bank holiday or half term or any holiday the rates goes up. If the internet says 1.50/ you normally get 1.49 ish.

I believe that AXA have a bank which has 15 charges a year with no cards etc.

Yours Jan
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