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Had my tax forms returned yesterday,the first for us,and included was yet a differnt form 2047 which the local office did not give me the first time round.does anyone know of an easy way to translate the questions on forms 2047 and 2042.The lady at our local tax office is unobtainable until next week and then I have to make an appointment.It was marked for urgent reply back,so they can eventually send the FRA2 back to Nottingham for
the tax repayment.Although retired,am only 61 yrs old and we are living qietly on my works pension.No other finacial income or investments.Thanks for any replies, Dennis
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I had to fill out a 2047 this year - a pink one called "Declaration des revenus encaisses a l'etranger 2003"

Is that the one? If so, I understood it was only for incomes received outside France. Assume your works pension is received gross here and you pay tax on it in France. Perhaps they have found it hard to believe that you only have this pension as income - they have this belief that we English are all absolutely rolling in it......

Hope this helps.
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