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Urgent need of info.


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We are here in the UK but a 3rd party in France is expecting some money from us urgently, but doesn't want a cheque sending.

Can anyone tell us whether it is possible to arrange a transfer of funds from our La Poste account, online?

We regularly transfer money between our La Poste savings & current accounts, but we cannot see any means to transfer to a 3rd party, like the facility we have on our UK on-line accounts.

But our financial French isn't up to much & maybe we're missing the right link to click on the Videoposte website?

Obviously we can do a wire transfer from our UK bank but that incurs all the handling fees & currency conversion costs.

So, just hoping someone knows how we'd do it, & can give us the info. fairly soon, otherwise we'll have to do it in sterling!

Many thanks,

Pete & Barbara (UK & 32)
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Hello Peter and Barbara, how are things? I don't know if this is any help, but we can do a transfer to a 3rd party on our CA account. Transfers are virements, then on our options you click on virement unitaire, then there's an option for transfer to an account other than ours. They ask for the RIB of that account. Perhaps La Poste works the same way? Looking forward to seeing you again. Pat.
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>Can anyone tell us whether it
>is possible to arrange a
>transfer of funds from our
>La Poste account, online?
>We regularly transfer money between our
>La Poste savings & current
>accounts, but we cannot see
>any means to transfer to
>a 3rd party, like the
>facility we have on our
>UK on-line accounts.
I am pretty sure this facility doesn't exist on La Poste. I have had a La Poste account with internet access for some years and never found this feature. Looks like you will have to use some other method.

Liz (29)
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