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IMO (international money order) cost of depositing in France


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Hello, I have had an Insurance renewal bill from AXA in Mont de Marsan. I sent them an IMO for the correct amount, only to be informed that the cost of depositing it into a French bank would be 23,38€ and because of this the IMO is now being sent back to me in the UK.

Does anyone have any Ideas on how to send money to this Insurance firm or better still know of an Insurer that will accept my business?

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As has been said on here many times before you must have a French bank account. Virtually any method of sending money from the UK to a French trader will cost you and more importantly them significant transaction charges. You may find someone who will accept a payment once , but any trader who has previously  suffered these charges will either refuse or expect you to pay.

So assuming that you haven't got a French account yet,'cause then you could just write a cheque.

You could:

1 Send them a payment enhanced by the bank charges.

2 Find someone who will accept payment by credit card.

3 Get the brokers bank (RIB) details and pay the transfer  direct to their account and accept that you will pay the incoming charges levied by the French bank.

4 Explore some of the more esoteric money transfer arrangments mentioned in earlier posts on this forum.

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