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I will soon have to “get to grips” with the French Taxation system and have two questions people may be able to help with.

Un-earned Income Tax Advice. I’m afraid I’ve always been a bit untrusting of many investment “schemes” recommended by the IFA people. However, currently about half my income is from deposit based savings (in sterling). I’m not massively wealthy and have declined tax advice from Arthur Anderson Overseas Tax Advisers (because they cost far more than they could ever hope to save me).

When I start paying French Tax, would a normal French Accountant be able to provide “simple” investment advice to avoid tax or do I need to go to more specialist people. At the moment I intend to stay with very safe interest based investments and Euro zone has low interest rates compare to UK so any advice would be pretty well “Offshore” or “Onshore”.

Can anybody recommend any English speaking accountants in 72/37 (or nationwide organisations, or even not local as I can use a telephone and post) as I will need help with the French Tax forms whatever.
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