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Paying funds into CA mastercard from UK


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Following on from the Eurocard thread, I too need to keep my French CA account topped up from time to time.

I have a merchant account in the UK for processing credit card transactions for my business.

It occurred to me, supposing I use the refund facility on my merchant account to credit my CA mastercard? The exchange rates on card transactions are usually not bad, plus it would take only a few seconds.

The logic is if funds can be instantly debited from the bank via the card so they could be credited too.

The banks are certainly not shy about charging for their card services.

Anyone been down this route?  

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'Foreign' payments from a CA account certainly attract a charge. I wouldn't be suprised if credits via a similar route also did. Also my experience is that credit card rates may be competitive with the tourist rates you'd get at the bank, but are nowhere near the money market exchange rates.

Have a look at www.moneybookers.com

They went through a period of being very slow, however things have improved. I use them every couple of months and have found that for sums say £1000 or so, they are the cheapest option. Cost €1.80 per transfer. You need to avoid the credit card route for paying cash in to moneybookers though or they will charge an extra 3%...

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